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C&A Employees Honored with Patriotic Employer Award

Celebrity would like to congratulate affiliate Aureus Medical Group employees Matt Neel and Abby Hansen for being honored with the Patriotic Employer Award. Matt and Abby were nominated for the award by one of their working contract employees. Click here to learn more about the award and read the nice things the contract employee had to say about

Unemployment Part II: Disciplinary Action

It is difficult in these economic times to avoid talk on the television and radio of the financial crisis we are in or the seemingly hopeless state of the economy. Likewise, unless you are only tuning into the Disney Channel, it is hard to miss the topic of unemployment and how its effects are playing

Cook up a Recipe for Workplace Success

Being good at your job is only part of the recipe for success at work. To heat up your career, remember to add these key ingredients:

C&A Voted Among Best Employment Agencies

C&A, parent company of Celebrity Staff, has made news again, having been named among the best employment agencies in Omaha by B2B Quarterly for the second consecutive year! Click here to read all about it!

Mission Man Visits Celebrity Staff

C&A Industries brought its mission statement to life late last year when we introduced Mission Man, C&A’s very own super hero. Mission Man is on a mission to recognize employees who go above and beyond at work incorporating C&A’s mission statement values into their daily endeavors. Mission Man made his second visit to the Celebrity Staff

How to Get Noticed at Work

Should you sell yourself at work? If you want to move up the corporate ladder and get noticed, then yes you should. At the end of the day, we’re all salespeople no matter what job we do and in virtually all aspects of our life. We sell ourselves to potential employers, potential customers, potential significant others,

C&A Named Among Best Places to Work

C&A Industries, parent company of Celebrity Staff, has just received some exciting news!  For the second year in a row, we’ve been recognized as one of Omaha’s Best Places to Work. Click here to read all about it.

7 Simple LinkedIn Dos & Don’ts

LinkedIn.com is a professional networking resource that continues to evolve since its inception nearly seven years ago. Having a LinkedIn profile is a “must have” in 2010 and a few simple reminders on how to effectively use the tool can go a long way toward projecting the image you want to portray to existing and

Working with a Staffing Partner is Smart Business

Businesses of all sizes have made changed and sacrifices to endure the economic fallout experienced during the last 24 months. Cutting costs makes sense from a management perspective with corporate down-sizing, layoffs, and outsourcing of positions. Expectations have risen to do more with less, but “running lean” takes a toll on the human factor, the

Sixth Annual Celebrity Health Fair

Celebrity Staff’s wellness committee, AurHealth, hosted the 6th Annual Health Fair last week. With more than 47 health and wellness vendors and nearly 300 attendees throughout C&A, the 2010 Health Fair was C&A’s biggest and most successful. Check out our photo slideshow!