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Email Etiquette: Think Before Hitting Send

Ever fired off an email and immediately regretted hitting the send button? Or innocently sent a message that was taken completely the wrong way? We’ve all stuck our electronic foot in our mouths, but this can easily be avoided.

Celebrity Staff Q1 Employees of the Quarter

Celebrity Staff recently recognized our Q1 Employees of the Quarter. These top candidates have each received rave reviews from their managers and represent some of Celebrity's most talented candidates. In honor of their recognition each Employee of the Quarter received a certificate and a gift card and were featured in the Q1 Celebrity Staff employee

Law Day 2010

May 1 is Law Day — a day that “provides us with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the emerging challenges and enduring traditions of law in the 21st century”. Celebrity would like to pay tribute to all of our legal clients and candidates and express our thanks for the work that you do.

Celebrity Staff Celebrates Administrative Professional’s Day

Celebrity Staff is excited to recognize the talented administrative professionals working for our clients and pay tribute to all office support staff in honor of Administrative Professional’s Day today. To celebrate, Celebrity Staff account managers will spend the day delivering treats and personalized thank you notes to our working administrative professionals. Admin Day, formerly known

“Ducking and Dodging” for a Good Cause

The first annual “Ducking and Dodging for a Cure”, co-ed dodgeball tournament held on Saturday, April 4, was a huge success raising more than $1000 for Camp Quality Heartland. A total of 13 teams participated in the event which was organized by employees in Aureus Medical Group, a Celebrity Staff affiliate firm. Click here to

C&A Employees Honored with Patriotic Employer Award

Celebrity would like to congratulate affiliate Aureus Medical Group employees Matt Neel and Abby Hansen for being honored with the Patriotic Employer Award. Matt and Abby were nominated for the award by one of their working contract employees. Click here to learn more about the award and read the nice things the contract employee had to say about

Unemployment Part II: Disciplinary Action

It is difficult in these economic times to avoid talk on the television and radio of the financial crisis we are in or the seemingly hopeless state of the economy. Likewise, unless you are only tuning into the Disney Channel, it is hard to miss the topic of unemployment and how its effects are playing

Cook up a Recipe for Workplace Success

Being good at your job is only part of the recipe for success at work. To heat up your career, remember to add these key ingredients:

C&A Voted Among Best Employment Agencies

C&A, parent company of Celebrity Staff, has made news again, having been named among the best employment agencies in Omaha by B2B Quarterly for the second consecutive year! Click here to read all about it!

Mission Man Visits Celebrity Staff

C&A Industries brought its mission statement to life late last year when we introduced Mission Man, C&A’s very own super hero. Mission Man is on a mission to recognize employees who go above and beyond at work incorporating C&A’s mission statement values into their daily endeavors. Mission Man made his second visit to the Celebrity Staff