Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

At my son’s two year well check our doctor informed my wife and me that our son’s head size was off the chart. She then went on to tell us that there is a possibility that something could be growing in his head, but we shouldn’t worry now but wait another six months to see if the growth normalizes. The other option was to take him in for a CT scan to see if there was anything growing in his head. Our doctor didn’t think it was necessary to do this because of the cost associated with the CT scan, but she gave us the option to choose.

It wasn’t a hard decision for us. In two days we were headed to the hospital to get a CT scan done to make sure everything was normal in our son’s head. Everything came back fine and it turned out he just has a big head. The peace of mind we had after we received the results was just what we wanted. The cost versus the peace of mind did not compare. We made the right decision.

The peace of mind that I received that day is what I provide to my clients on a daily basis and it is something I think businesses really need to look at. When a company is conducting interviews, they should always consider reaching out to a recruiter to make sure they are getting the best person for a position. It doesn’t cost anything to interview someone a recruiter sends your way, and what if that person is leaps and bounds better than your best candidate?

The peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision when selecting the best candidate for your open position should outweigh the fee a recruiter will charge. I know the peace of mind I received when making the decision to get a CT scan done outweighed the cost. You always want to do what is best for your family and your company, even if there is a cost associated with it!

peace of mind, Peace of MindRance Johnson
Rance has been with Celebrity Staff since June of 2014. He enjoys working with clients and candidates to find the perfect match and the thank you that follows. Rance was born in Blair, NE and now resides in Fort Calhoun, NE with his wife, Karli, and two sons, Aiden and Carter. He graduated from Bellevue University and studied business. Before joining Celebrity Staff, he spent 11 years in the wireless industry managing a team of three to 14 employees. In his down time, Rance enjoys being with his family whether they are outside playing sports or inside playing board games.

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