profile picture, Presenting Yourself in the Job Market

Presenting Yourself in the Job Market

Social Media: Profile Picture
From a Photographer and a Recruiter point of view

I have been a photographer for seven years, specializing in wedding and event photography, portrait photography, and corporate photography. Aside from my photography career, I also have a career in the recruiting and work culture development fields. I love that I am able to utilize my expertise in both fields as a combination; in this subject of business portraits and how to market yourself in a visual aspect!

Whether you are presenting yourself on LinkedIn or Facebook, keep in mind that business professionals are looking at your profile to see what you could bring to their companies – and your profile photos will speak a million words.

It is very important to present yourself in a professional manner that will impress your viewers, starting with the visual presentation; which will be your profile photo. While Facebook has been directed more for socializing in a casual manner, businesses in today’s world are paying attention to your Facebook content. With that said; keep your public information clean, including your photos that are visible to the public!

LinkedIn is strictly for professional networking. Therefore, you will need a professional presence. Your profile photo should be a professional headshot that tells who you are as a professional. 

Are your photos telling us if you are serious, happy, and approachable; or do you seem to be standoffish, shy, or an intimidating personality? Be self-aware while you are in front of the camera – and relax; become comfortable with yourself! Your facial expressions will tell your viewers how you truly feel and what your intentions are and this is why having a good profile photo is very important. Think about it when you are speaking with someone for the first time in person. Is this person’s body language telling you that he or she is confident and a positive thinker, or are you feeling uncomfortable talking with this person because he or she seems a bit off or unapproachable? You are getting these first impression feelings based off of their facial expressions and body language.

Photography captures the true moments, and that includes who you are as an individual. It is important that your business portrait is presented as professional and intelligent, yet also welcoming and approachable. Take your portrait experience into how you present yourself in real-time during your interview process too! Smile, maintain eye contact, and remember that how you feel is how you will truly look.

The investment of professional photography services for your headshot portrait is always a good investment. During your photo session, make sure you are well groomed and dressed business professional. Ask your photographer for a few different styles of headshots so that you can change your online photo every once in a while. The typical cost for a professional business photo session is $75 per person, and that should include a few different poses with free digital downloads of the headshots. If a professional photographer is not in your budget, then utilize today’s cell phone technology.

Do-It-Yourself Business Headshot Portraits

When doing your own business headshot portraits, make sure you are in a nicely lit room. (Tip: Using living room lamps will allow you to direct the light by manipulating the lamp shades in the direction you need, as well as filtering direct light for a softer appearance. Experiment with the movement and direction of the lamps until you figure out how to manipulate the shadows and lighting on your face and on your background. Shadow and light manipulation will change the entire look of your portrait!) You can use a plain white or light colored wall as a backdrop and a stool to sit on. Make sure you are not sitting in a chair that has a high back. You do not want to see that chair in your photo! If you do not have a mini tripod, you may be able to prop your phone or camera on an object. Just make sure the object is not in your frame. Utilize a remote for your camera, or a camera timer setting (You do not want your portraits to have the ‘selfie appearance’.). Your cell phone may have updated editing tools. When editing, use a soft edit so it does not appear ‘over-edited’.  Do several different poses and take your time! This experience, whether you do it yourself portrait, or hire a professional photographer, may help you in confidence building for interview prep too because you will become more aware of how you physically present yourself to others. 

Photography tips provided by Valery Photography &

profile picture, Presenting Yourself in the Job Market

Valery Nigro, Celebrity Staff
Valery was born and raised in Omaha, NE where she attended college and earned degrees in Graphic Design, Criminal Justice with a Nebraska Law Enforcement focus, and Behavioral Science. Valery is currently a graduate student working on her degree in Organizational Leadership and Coaching. She then plans to later further her education with a PhD in Social Psychology. Valery is also a photographer and manages Valery Photography & Design ( She studied martial arts for eight years in the forms of Taekwondo, MMA, and Kung Fu. Valery has two adult children who have families of their own and have given her two beautiful grandchildren. When Valery is not working or studying, she enjoys spending time with her 10 yr. old Pomeranian, Georgie, socializing with friends, or creating art through photography.

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