Recruiting: Not just for college athletics anymore!

Recruiting: Not just for college athletics anymore!

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock you are probably somewhat aware that football season is here. That means we get to start the tried and true traditions of friends gathering around and rooting for our favorite teams, crisp fall days, tailgating, and eating our collective body weights in buffalo wings and various other goodies. I recently read the excellent book, Selling Saturdays by Jeff Beals (shameless plug). In the book, Jeff draws parallels between the high-stakes world of college football recruiting and sales/recruiting. He does a really nice job of interweaving stories of coaches chasing those ‘blue chip’ prospects (highly coveted, elite athletes) and giving tidbits of information/techniques to make you a better marketer, regardless of your profession.

If you are in any kind of talent management capacity and reading this blog, you are probably aware that we are in the epitome of a candidate-driven market and finding talent is tougher than ever. I won’t get too much into that topic because it has been covered every which way to Sunday. In our industry, as you can imagine, we are working tirelessly to tee up the best possible candidates for our clients for orders they have. Also (and this is key), we are working on orders that don’t exist yet!! You know the order, it’s the position you didn’t realize you needed until a great candidate emerged. I see it all the time, a client tells me they are sitting fine talent wise and then I discuss a candidate who dovetails nicely with their industry and what do you know? A new position emerges! A position that supposedly didn’t exist.

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to keep your recruiting pipeline (or bench, using a football term) full:

-Always be interviewing. You never know when business will drive a bunch of new open requisitions or when a person will unexpectedly put in their notice.

-Give timely feedback (24-48 hours is a good rule of thumb). Candidates talk. The last thing you want is to be in a hiring crunch and overhear two people talking about interviewing at your company and hearing what an awful experience it was because they never heard back.

-Think outside the box and play to your strengths. Everyone is well aware of job boards and the power of LinkedIn. The truly excellent folks that I’ve met in talent management are always thinking of ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you work for a company that has something that few other competitors possess, you need to make that a primary selling point. Some examples could be an on-site gym, pension plan, employee stock ownership plan, no layoffs in the last five years, defined advancement opportunities/career path…you see where I’m going.

I want to wish you the best of luck in hitting your hiring goals in 2015 and beyond and I hope you find those rare ‘blue chip’ talented individuals! If you find yourself struggling, give me a call (shameless plug)!

recruiting, Recruiting: Not just for college athletics anymore!Chris Drew
Chris has been a member of the Celebrity Staff team since September 2012. He specializes in providing high customer touch and customizing labor solutions for his clients. Prior to his time at Celebrity, Chris was a partner in a startup energy drink distribution company that has attained a strong foothold in the Nebraska and Iowa region. He also has six years of experience as a successful mortgage broker where he developed and cultivated a multi-million dollar relationship with one of the largest home builders in the Omaha metro area. Chris specializes in providing excellent administrative, legal, and management candidates to his clients in the Des Moines, IA marketplace. When he isn’t working he enjoys golf, traveling, and spending obscene amounts of money on shoes.

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