Working with An Intern

Working with An Intern

I am in the midst of my last week working closely with Celebrity Staff’s resident intern Hannah Krajicek. Hannah, a junior at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, came to Celebrity Staff with a great deal of ambition. She was seeking the opportunity to further cultivate the sales acumen she has developed as a student in the Center of Sales Excellence Program through the UNL College of Business. Beyond seeing sales in action, she also wanted an opportunity to learn more about digital content marketing.

Watching Hannah apply her classroom learning in a professional environment, gaining exposure to her professional areas of interest, and challenging herself has been a highlight of my summer. She has been an invaluable collaborator to me and has given me the bandwidth to commit myself to higher-level projects as the social media coordinator and strategist for Celebrity Staff.

In reflecting on the experience of working with an intern, I began to think of all the articles I have seen encouraging young professionals to pursue internships and I wanted to talk more about the benefits for employers.

PERSPECTIVE. No matter the industry, no matter the role, stagnation happens. I work in social media marketing which is an expansive, time consuming, CONSTANTLY changing industry. It can be so easy to focus in on one thing, or just get into a rut. Having Hannah there to run ideas, brainstorm, or provide a different voice was huge. Having an intern should mean you have a new set of eyes on old problems, and someone willing to run at those problems with enthusiasm.

Interns will yield results that can help you evaluate whether that individual is a fit for the organization. Employers often want to see some demonstration of applied skill in their respective field, which can be difficult for new and upcoming grads to provide. By bringing an intern on board, you get a much better picture of the value that individual brings the organization versus just hiring based off of a resume.

Not every intern is going to land at your organization, but a positive experience can expose your organization to new audiences. Hannah will go into the student world fully versed in the value of partnering with a staffing company from both the client and candidate perspective. Hannah then has the ability to impact an entirely new audience based on her experiences as an intern. Hello reduction in recruitment costs!

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but the value of bringing the right intern onto the team is unquestionable. It was a positive experience for all parties, and I am glad that I work for an organization that made it possible for Hannah to have joined my team for the summer. C&A Industries’ paid internship program runs each summer for college students.

Our program allows college students to pursue meaningful summer work while getting a glimpse into their unique professional interests, and while actively engaging in the Omaha community. Read more about our 2018 interns and keep us in mind for summer 2019!

Check out the blog that Hannah wrote about her experience working as an intern at Celebrity Staff here!

Recently graduated? On the job market in general? Celebrity Staff specializes in administrative, legal, and management opportunities in Kansas City, Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines. You can find out about our jobs by clicking here.

Working with An InternKate Trimble
Kate began her career at Celebrity Staff in 2015 as a Staffing Assistant for the Des Moines team. She currently works as Celebrity Staff’s Social Media Recruiter (and loves it). Kate attended the University of Nebraska – Omaha and graduated in 2015 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a Concentration in Foreign and National Security Affairs. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (M.S NCR) from Creighton University School of Law’s Werner Institute. Outside of her commitments with work and school, she enjoys surrounding herself with her friends, family, and furry family members.

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