Resume Service vs. Story Tellers

Resume Service vs. Story Tellers

Reliable, professional, college degree, great communicator, and at least three years of prior experience. What’s on your candidate wish list? When speaking with clients I have found that many “wish lists” cover many of the same attributes (outside of the actual skill set of the job). Everyone has a company culture, a personality fit, an “ideal candidate”. There are preconceived notions about specific groups of people, even though we don’t always like to admit it. It is my understanding that “millennials” may or may not be the most desirable candidates for your open positions because they are seen as not having a great work ethic. I also hear that “seasoned” professionals may not be the most desired due to their inability to keep up with technology advancements. These are all solid points that we should take into consideration, however, these stereotypes are not true for all job seekers. There are strengths and areas of improvement for everyone at all levels and we need to retrain our brains to see past what is on a sheet of paper.

Anyone can go online and dig up six, eight, or 10 resumes in a matter of minutes. The game begins with phone tag or no calls or emails returned. You end up spending more time looking at even more resumes and leaving more unreturned voice mails. You fall behind on your work, still have an open position, and are unwilling to even think about utilizing a service. How could you pay so much money for someone you could find on your own? Here is where I am at in all of this. I am the first person to encourage a company to search on their own. Remember that searching on your own takes time, which is MONEY. The job search tends to take people away from their jobs to dig through piles of resumes and send out LinkedIn messages, and who knows, maybe you are going so fast you miss out on some really great candidates because you are not able to see beyond the three or four things that YOU want to see on a resume. This isn’t all your fault. Sometimes candidates don’t know what to highlight on their resume or they don’t know what you are looking for or that you are even looking. This is where we come in. We take the time to dig, listen, and learn about each of our candidates.

Being new to the staffing industry, I really appreciate it when my colleagues remind me that we are consultants and not a resume service. As a client you are investing your company’s dollars to find you a qualified and interested candidate. I want to tell you their story. I want to make you aware of why they are great and why this piece of paper isn’t really all it is cracked up to be. Why do I feel so strongly about this? It’s not just because it is my job. It is because it is the whole reason I have my job!

My whole life I have trained as a musician. I have been singing and performing since I was three years old. It is all I had ever known. I had succeeded in undergraduate and graduate school, and I even had the chance to be a part of the Graz Opera Institute in Austria. Unfortunately, visas and money ran out. I had worked in the service industry during high school and college and that seemed to suit my lifestyle. I love to talk to people, stay busy, and I lived for the dinner rushes and the times where I had too much to do. I lived for the challenge, I was a great multi-tasker, and I always aimed to please. If a table came in late or a large party came in that no one wanted to take, heck, I’d take it. I was at work and I was ready to go. It didn’t matter that I was a waitress or a bartender. I was good at what I did and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Needless to say, I am an overachiever who loves the pressure of deadlines and discipline. I am telling you all of this because when it came time for me to “get a big girl job” I was having zero luck. Nobody would even call me back. I applied and applied and emailed and called. NOTHING! I guess I shouldn’t say nothing, I would get those automatic emails saying “somebody was more qualified”, but how? You didn’t even talk to me. I didn’t have a chance to let you know what you might be missing out on. Again, I know that hiring managers don’t have all the time to sift through resumes and make calls, but I guarantee you that a few of those employers would’ve enjoyed speaking with me.

About three months after searching for jobs online, I received a call from a recruiter at Celebrity Staff. I honestly had no idea what she was calling about or what I was in for but it was my shot! I went through the initial pre-screening, had a face-to-face interview, met with a few different recruiters and account managers, and was presented with two really awesome job opportunities. This person in particular saw past my resume and really “took a chance on me”. She was able to find out that I had written curriculum for college students, as I was a teaching assistant at the University of Tennessee. She could tell that I was detail oriented because I have studied multiple languages, composers, and instruments. She knew that I was professional, as I have auditioned around the country and in Europe in many different kinds of environments with all different levels of professionals. She saw a light in me that no one else was willing to see because it wasn’t on that paper. It almost brings me to tears thinking about how that one phone call changed my life for the better. Not only did I get the chance to interview with two large corporations for two different positions, I was also considered for a position on the team that has become my family.

I am not trying to toot our horn because I am sure another agency has done the same. I am simply stating that more often than not, there are people who are just waiting to thrive on your team. They may not have what you want to see on a resume, they may not have anything you would consider for your company, but they just might have that “thing” that will take your company to the next level. That is why we are here. We listen to peoples’ stories and we act as consultants to you and your company. We don’t want to send you over any Joe Schmoe because we know we’ll just have to replace him in a few weeks or months. We might lose you as a client and tarnish any relationship we had with you. We want to work with you and consult you. We want to make sure we are seeing the best in candidates and placing them where they can thrive. It might be a difficult idea to wrap your head around at first and that is okay! I just want to remind you that there are people out there like me who will be forever grateful for the opportunity that someone gave them by simply looking beyond a sheet of paper and getting to know my story.

Dallas Norton

Resume, Resume Service vs. Story TellersDallas is originally from West Des Moines, IA, and she relocated to Omaha almost one year ago. Dallas has been with Celebrity Staff for 7 months now and is an Account Manager for the Des Moines team. She loves to be able to meet new people, help businesses, and build relationships. She has her masters in vocal performance and pedagogy from the University of Tennessee and she has lived abroad in Italy and Austria performing and studying with her degree. Dallas still performs with her band Pie in the Sky, out of Des Moines, so she travels back almost every weekend to play for weddings, corporate events, and at bars. She is hoping to get back into teaching private piano and voice lessons in the future. Before working at Celebrity Staff, Dallas had her own studio of elementary and high school students and worked briefly at the Omaha School of Music and Dance. She stays busy traveling with her band, taking care of her two dogs, Bob and Keizer, and helping her boyfriend, Ryan, with his company Victory Fighting Championship. Dallas is passionate about fitness, running, and she has competed and won NPC bikini body building competitions in the Midwest.

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