Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

As you may have experienced or may currently be experiencing, interviewing can be a long, exhausting process with a list of things to complete. I am here to help, as it was not too long ago I was updating my resume for an internal career change! I thought to myself, “Well this should be easy enough.” However, I quickly found out, it was intense!

Update my resume, take tests, interview with HR, interview with a manager, shadow the job, interview with the rest of the managers – it was much more than I expected I’d have to do for an internal transfer! So I know firsthand interviewing can easily be a full time job. With unemployment at an all-time low, this is something more and more people have to do while working and trying to juggle other opportunities. I have complied a quick Do’s and Don’ts to make your resume stand out.


  • Do tell what you did in your role, not just the job duties.
  • Do include accomplishments. How did you save your company money or how did you make your company money? Give numbers to quantify!
  • Do add your skills, strengths, and software knowledge.
  • Do use a template to help with presentation.
  • Do spell check and double check for errors.


  • Don’t have job gaps. Include what happened during that time frame. Yes, even add your part-time/seasonal jobs.
  • Don’t provide an objective statement. I do not read them!
  • Don’t give personal references. Only include people you worked with in a professional setting.
  • Don’t include the statement ” I will explain”.
  • Don’t apply for a job without uploading your resume.

Make yourself standout clearly, without the fluff! Make your resume clean and accurate. Keep track of the companies and positions you are applying for.

Resume Writing TipsLauren Miller, Celebrity Staff
Lauren joined Celebrity Staff’s parent company, C&A Industries, in 2015. She worked in the corporate housing department, AurHomes, where she specialized in finding temporary housing for traveling nurses. Before joining the AurHomes team, Lauren worked for a property management company as an Assistant Manager for multiple different locations throughout the greater Omaha area, as well as surviving 10 plus years in the retail world as a Brand Ambassador. Lauren is now an Account Manager with Celebrity Staff; she takes pride in her ability to match candidates to companies with her passion in creating positive company morale. In her time outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her son, DIY projects, and collecting stamps on her passport!

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