Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

No matter how many days or weeks you take off for maternity leave, it’s always difficult returning back to work. Whether you were the mom who just did NOT want to come back but knew you had to or the mom who was so ready to come back, it’s hard, emotional, and difficult.

After three months of maternity leave, I was the mom who was so ready to get back to work and get back into the swing of things! Sure, I was going to miss my babies and it was going to be sad not seeing them every day, but I needed to get back for my own sanity. I have compiled a list of three things to make returning back to work after maternity leave a bit easier (because let’s face it, it’s never an easy thing to do!).

  1. Prepare yourself for the new routine – The more you’re prepared for your new life, the better you will get at managing multiple demands. The transition to becoming a working mother is about organization and being prepared. Start making a daily to-do list in order to get more organized. This can cover tasks related to your home, work, and your baby.
  2. Try your best to keep it together – When you go back to work, you may find it difficult to get used to performing your daily tasks. Keep the following in mind: There’s no harm in asking for help. If you are not able to settle in at work, don’t shy away from accepting help from your co-workers.
  3. Choose a dependable babysitter – I think this one speaks for itself! Obviously you want someone you can trust to watch your baby for eight hours a day! Trust me – knowing that your little one or little ones are in the right hands, will make you feel MUCH more comfortable at work!

Returning back to work will never be easy no matter who you are. You will encounter a few bumps along the way when you return and that’s completely normal. Working mothers have to face several challenges and balancing work and family can be quite tricky, but it isn’t impossible! So good luck working mamas – I promise it does get easier!


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