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Should Your Current Company be Your Last?

As a recruiter, I believe there are two types of people in this world. The first is the individual who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and consequently is always searching for the next great opportunity. The second is an individual who is paralyzed by comfort, stability, and loyalty who won’t even consider looking over the fence. As with everything in life, I believe balance is the key. Before jumping ship or bunkering down for the long haul, consider these factors.

Culture and Environment
One very basic tip that most recruiters and interview prep articles will tell a candidate is simply to observe your surroundings. When you are considering a position with an organization, look at the body language, demeanor, and attitude of your potential future co-workers. What vibe do you get within the office culture and environment? Hiring authorities are tasked with not only matching skills and positions, but personalities with departments and you should be doing the same.

If you are currently working and are thinking about reaching out to a recruiter to explore options, make sure you consider your current work environment and culture. What’s missing or what would a perfect work environment look and feel like? Do you want a fast paced, vibrant, beer cart on Friday’s office setting or are you more interested in an environment that is quiet, relaxed, and slower paced? Think about your personality and if you would fit in at a start-up, dot com organization or at an insurance giant that has been in business since 1950.

Organizational Chart
One of the most common phrases I will hear in an interview with candidates of varying backgrounds and experience is “I want to work for an organization with opportunity for growth.” Whether you are considering exploring opportunities or planning on retiring with your current organization, it is imperative to know your company’s organizational chart. Is your company a flat organization with limited growth, or is it an incredibly tiered organization that includes promotions as a retention strategy? Consider all avenues and if growth, promotion, and professional development are important to you, make sure you are aware of the possibilities within your organization.

Annual Reviews
Knowing how your organization will measure your success and how often is incredibly important before accepting that you are comfortable retiring there. Determine how much effort is put into your reviews, what feedback you receive, and where your opportunities for growth are. If you have ever heard “keep up the great work, don’t change a thing” for five years in a row, your manager or company is complacent with your impact to the organization. If your review feels like an afterthought or a housekeeping duty, so is the value you bring. Keep this in mind as your tenure with an organization increases. If it fits your career goals, do not allow a company to be complacent with your ability to add value without exploring other opportunities.

Work-Life Balance
Maybe ambition, career growth, and promotions are not factors that motivate you. If you’re an employee who can be easily retained into retirement through a healthy work-life balance, low stress environment, and being able to leave work at work, consider how often you are able to do so before becoming complacent. Imagine leaving work on a Friday so stressed you don’t get to enjoy the weekend until Sunday because it takes you all Saturday to unwind from the busy week. Monday comes faster than Usain Bolt running from a bear and you know you’re not happy doing this for the rest of your life, so what can you do?

Know your current job market, always be open to discussing opportunities with a recruiter, and be transparent with yourself and the recruiter. Before you consider retiring with your current organization, make sure you understand what other companies in your market are willing to offer to attract and retain talent. I like to think about careers and the job market just like the housing market. Know the interest rates, know when it would be advantageous to refinance, and take advantage for the long term. Know the job market, and know the market value for your skill set, and have the courage to explore.

Jacob-Miller_150x150Jake Miller

Jake has been with the Celebrity Staff team since November 2015. He specializes in sourcing, interviewing, and building relationships with the intention to assist each candidate in identifying their ideal career path. Prior to working at Celebrity Staff, Jake was a personal trainer and an athletic recruiter for the men’s soccer team at Doane College. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in management from Doane College where he played soccer for four years. When Jacob isn’t recruiting, he enjoys personal training, cooking, and watching sports.

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