Making Companies Attractive For Your Candidates

One of the best times of the year has arrived again – college football season!  While many of us focus on the number of touchdowns and the amount of wins and losses of our favorite team, do we ever take the time to stop and consider the process it takes for teams to score the touchdowns and achieve the wins?  Well, it all starts with recruiting the right players for the right positions.  This is no easy task for any team, as all-star high school football players are often recruited by multiple teams.  Recruiters and coaches work diligently to sell potential recruits on the team dynamic, opportunity to play and grow with the program, the school history, academics, the college town/city, and the list goes on and on.

Just as top football recruits are considering multiple programs, most of the best candidates in the marketplace are considering multiple job opportunities and weighing the objectives outside of compensation.  Companies often try to win candidates by talking about competitive compensation, benefits packages, and generous PTO.  Although all of these are key components to a candidate’s decision, top candidates are equally interested in components such as the company culture, career path potential, and team dynamic.  As an employer, it is your job to truly “sell” your potential job opportunity, company culture, and team dynamic to candidates throughout the interview process.

Here are some ways to “sell” your company to the top candidates:

  • Share with the candidate why you enjoy working at your current company
  • Ask your current employees why they enjoy working at the company and share this information with the candidate
  • Have potential candidates speak with current employees working in the role to discuss the positive aspects of the role and company, along with any challenges
  • Tell the story of how the company got started
  • Simply ask the candidate what is important to them in their next career move and speak to those concerns
  • Give prospective candidates a tour of your office space

The next time you are meeting with a top candidate, take the time to slow down and “sell” your opportunity to the candidate so you will not be disappointed on signing day.

candidates, Making Companies Attractive For Your Candidates
Pam Hennings, Celebrity Staff Senior Account Manager

Pam Hennings
Pam joined Celebrity Staff as an Account Manager in 2011 and was promoted to Senior Account Manager in July 2013.  Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, she worked in the travel industry focusing on sales and recruiting.  Originally from Iowa, Pam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the Iowa State University.  Outside of work she enjoys yoga, bike riding, cooking and most of all travel.

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