Small Steps for Superior Results

Small Steps for Superior Results

Urgency is one of the most important factors that goes into play when it comes to recruiting for an open position. Being able to narrow down an exact time frame will aid in efficiently recruiting and placing a candidate. The last thing you would want to do is begin the recruiting process, interview candidates, and find the right fit for the company only to find out the client cannot make a hiring decision for another month. With today’s low unemployment rates, a top quality candidate will not be on the job market for very long. Now you just wasted time and energy recruiting and coordinating only to start back at square one.

It is important to ask the right questions in order to be more efficient in providing the best service possible. An urgent time frame varies from person to person. Account managers are here to save clients time and money, so take the time to get to know their needs.

Here are some key points to clarify when a client contacts you searching for a top quality candidate:

What pain points are you encountering with this position being open?

You will run into companies where the open position is causing frustration internally with other employees as they are taking on additional responsibilities, which is taking away from their typical day-to-day duties. The urgency stems from a decrease in the companies overall moral and efficiency. Others may tell you that they would like to start interviewing as soon as possible simply because through past experiences it has taken them months to find the right candidate.

What does your time frame look like to hire for this position?

Having a solid understanding of the client’s time frame will prevent you from taking hours out of your day to recruit, schedule interviews, and gain interest in the position which can be put to good use elsewhere.

How many interviews have you already conducted?

While this question may not be directed toward the client’s urgency and ideal hiring date, it will help to narrow down why a hiring decision has not been made. Understanding what previously interviewed candidates are lacking that creates a need for additional candidates will play into your speed to fill. A client with a real urgency will appreciate the time that this small step will save.

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Chans has been with Celebrity Staff for seven months as an Account Manager for the Kansas City office. He has a background in B2B sales and he attended college at Northwest Missouri State University. Outside of his commitment to work, Chans is a member on the board of directors for DIFFA KC (Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids) where they bring together volunteers from the local design community representing the fields of interior design, graphic communications, architecture, fashion, and more to raise funds to support the prevention of HIV/AIDS in our community.

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