, 3 Steps to Speed Up Your Onboarding Process for a New Job

3 Steps to Speed Up Your Onboarding Process for a New Job

You may have noticed that almost every job requires additional onboarding items before you start, with I-9 forms, drug screens, and background checks being the most popular. The past few years have been interesting working on onboarding due to COVID. We have overcome delays, extra federal mandates, technology challenges, and much more. We are constantly creating and updating guides to help lay out all the information, which are built for you to understand the “why” behind the process and requests. To help speed up the onboarding process, we’ve created a three-step guide for you to follow for your new job.

⦁ Gather your IDs for your I-9 documents.

This program has been around since 1986 and is determined by the Federal Government. Prior to COVID, your employer completed more of this form for you. Times have changed to adapt to our new virtual world, and the burden of work has been passed onto employees to complete. See more info here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-9

⦁ Check your voicemails and emails multiple times a day.

Communication is key during the onboarding process. Things are never as straightforward as they seem, and we must react quickly to avoid delays. A delay, by even just an hour, can push your start date back up to a week. And communication is especially crucial when some states require additional consent forms to complete background checks.

Regarding COVID, everyone was impacted. Clerk offices and drug screen clinics saw reduced staff and reduced hours. This has limited our ability to get you to an ideal appointment at an ideal time. As we are gathering information, we are coordinating all this information with you. So, if you see us calling, it is because we are needing to make adjustments.

⦁ Be ready to gather additional documents depending on your position.

Depending on your position, some additional requirements needed are education and employment verifications. These are always a hotspot for causing delays. If you see your onboarding requesting transcripts, diplomas, paystubs, or W2s, it is not just to have them on file. If we are having issues gathering this information directly from institutions, we can use documents you provide in completing onboarding requirements.

We are actively working to avoid delays for any part of the process that is in our control. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you, but additional help is needed on occasion. As frustrating as all of these requirements and paperwork are, all parties share that frustration and are not trying to make things difficult. Together, we can ensure a speedy and painless experience.

Alex Barto, Celebrity Staff

3 Steps to Speed Up Your Onboarding Process for a New Job

Alex started his career at C&A Industries (acquired by Medical Solutions) four years ago in the payroll department and joined Celebrity Staff in January 2020. In his current role as operations manager, he oversees the Operations side of the division and works closely with account mangers and recruiters. He also works in conjunction with our sister companies, Aureus Group and Aurstaff, to assist in business needs. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing disc golf, riding his bike, and spending time at the park with his dog, Jamie.

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