Staffing at the Speed of Light: Are you Keeping Up?

By now you’ve seen the Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Beiber commercial originally aired during this month’s Super Bowl. Best Buy’s premise of “Technology moves fast. Don’t get left behind” depicts an aged Ozzy trying to get used to the “now” 4G technology rapidly adapting to an advanced 6G service. Trying his best, but still clearly lost, he remarks, “How many bloody Gs are there?” As humorous as this 30 second bit is, it’s an all-too-real glimpse of the future awaiting many of us. For some, that future is already here.

Technology isn’t the only thing that has evolved. Sure, in home entertainment, we’ve gone from Beta to VHS to Laserdisc to DVD to HDDVD and now Blu-Ray. According to Mr. Darwin, Humanity started with an amoeba-based life form crawling out of ooze to a non-Geico caveman to the proud homosapian race you see today. In music, one of the most successful artists ever, Madonna, has seen her genre evolve from being the “Queen of Pop” to singing Broadway musicals to mastering techno/house music to currently working with some of the top hip-hop producers and performers during her 30 year career. Even Madonna had to learn that to stay relevant, you have to change with the times – and improve.

However, throughout the recession I’ve seen many companies fail to apply this mantra to business. They’ve stayed with the same staff in place, hoping to patch holes and weather the storm. Rather than explore departments, areas, or individuals they can improve, many companies have simply crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. Meanwhile, their competitors’ top employees have become more agile than ever. New skills, market share, energy, and ideas all can come from evaluating and upgrading current staff.

Accenture, a global management consulting firm, recently conducted a survey of hiring managers asking whether they felt they had the quality of talent needed to be successful; only 25% said they did. They also surveyed 47 corporate recruiters that handled a combined 27,000 hires that year. Accenture asked how many of those recruiters felt that at least 1 in 5 of their hires were “A-list performers”; 0% said they did. Let’s review that again: ZERO of 47 recruiters felt that at least 20% of their total hires in a year were top performers, while hiring managers indicated that they felt they DON’T have the quality talent needed to be successful. Here’s hoping your company wasn’t one of those surveyed.

Take a minute to evaluate your employees. What are your top business goals for 2011? Who are your top performers and what qualities or strengths do they share? Where can you improve? Can you afford to pass up the opportunity to add an “A-list performer”? Evolution isn’t necessarily about subtraction; you just have to be open to change. In other words, “Bieber 6G fever” awaits, but I continue to scratch my head as I hear those same companies ask, “What’s a Bieber?”

top performers, Staffing at the Speed of Light: Are you Keeping Up?
Brad Lewis, Celebrity Staff Kansas City Branch Manager

About the Author, Brad Lewis
Brad joined Celebrity in 2005 and currently serves as Branch Manager for Celebrity’s Kansas City branch office. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Brad was a business consultant in the communications industry for five years working specifically in the Kansas and Missouri districts. As branch manager, Brad concentrates on ensuring excellence in the overall operations of the Kansas City branch for both clients and employees. Outside the office, Brad enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their family.

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