Staffing Firm Confessions: Part II

Staffing Firm Confessions: Part II

Back by popular demand, here is my second entry in the highly publicized, nationally renowned blog series, “Staffing Firm Confessions”. Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT popular, but I did have requests for a follow up from “Phil” in Chesapeake, VA and my mom. She loves all my blogs. I’m pretty sure it’s still hanging on her fridge in Atlanta. For those that haven’t had an opportunity to read the first entry, read it here. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I feel I earned that spot on the fridge. Fingers crossed #2 makes the cut. Here we go!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
You’ve invested time meeting with a recruiter. They know what you’re looking for and have a couple positions that sound really interesting. You may even have an interview that went really well and you’re waiting for the offer that’s sure to come. Everything is coming up roses. So now is the time to kick back, relax, and wait…right? Wrong. Until you have an offer in hand that you are prepared to accept and turn down everything else that may come later, you need to keep your options open. You owe it to yourself to find what you’re looking for whether it’s on your own, through your current recruiter, or even another staffing firm. The only thing we ask is that you communicate where you have been interviewing or applying so as your recruiter, we don’t duplicate your efforts by discussing opportunities you are already being considered for.

Confidentiality is a Two Way Street
Celebrity Staff works on a confidential basis for our candidates, but also our clients. If you are currently employed and you are interested in exploring what opportunities could be out there, you’d probably also like to not have it be broadcasted to your employer. That is something we honor and would only discuss your background and/or send your resume to clients AFTER we’ve received your permission to do so first. Our clients expect the same treatment. There are many reasons why a position may currently be open. It could be due to a retirement, the person currently in that role is being replaced, a new acquisition is creating a new role – all things the company may not have spoken with their internal employees about or they do not want this information to be public knowledge. As such, we may not always be able to discuss the name of a company when initially presenting an opportunity with you. However, before you would ever interview with our clients, we will take the time to discuss who the company is, what they do, and answer any questions you have.

Anything is Possible AFTER You Interview
When presenting opportunities to our candidate pool, I’m often bombarded with a litany of questions regarding IF a client could offer X. Whether it be a certain salary, flexible schedule, additions to a benefit package, ability to work from home, faster room for advancement, or tuition reimbursement, the answer is almost always “maybe”. If we ask our client hypotheticals prior to them even having a chance to speak with you, it almost feels like we’re reading off a ransom demand. In short, it’s perceived that “it’s all about you” and what you need, without any concern about what you bring to the table and how you can help your future employer. I’ve had clients frequently express their maximum offers and the levels they simply could not go above, in any circumstance. Only to have them exceed it after interviewing their ideal candidate they can not afford to pass up. If you turn down interviews because of an initial failure to meet everything on your wish list, you may be missing out on an ideal situation that will grant you everything you’ve ever wanted. You may just need to show them why you are worth it.

Our Relationship Doesn’t End
Finally! The planets have aligned. You found your calling and have started your ideal career. Now what? Just because you have a new position and are happy, doesn’t mean your relationship with your recruiter has to end. I love catching up with candidates we’ve helped and hearing how much better their lives are because of their job change. Celebrity Staff is a big believer in the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together.” If you were a candidate we tried to help, odds are you know people with similar backgrounds, skillsets, or values. A recent survey from showed that more than 50 percent of currently employed workers are actively seeking a job change. That means one of every two birds you flock with could benefit from a conversation with us. We’d love a chance to see if we can help them as much as we helped you.

Secrets don’t make friends, but they also don’t make good partnerships. Yes, Celebrity Staff and other staffing firms are hired by organizations. They pay our fees. They help keep our lights on and ensure we have a place to come to work everyday. But let’s not kid ourselves. Without quality candidates, there is no us. We have two clients. One is the company that outsources their human resource responsibilities to us and the other is the individual who uses us as a free, confidential, added resource in their job search. The only thing we ask is you maintain open and honest communication with us – we’ll reciprocate. If you are open to exploring a new opportunity, give Celebrity Staff a call. We look forward to seeing how we can help!

staffing, Staffing Firm Confessions: Part IIBrad Lewis
Brad joined Celebrity in 2005 and currently serves as sales manager for Celebrity’s Kansas City branch office. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Brad was a business consultant in the communications industry for five years working specifically in the Kansas and Missouri districts. As sales manager, Brad concentrates on ensuring excellence in the overall operations of the Kansas City branch for both clients and employees. Outside the office, Brad enjoys spelunking and spending quality time with his two sons, Kobe and Eli.


  1. Some great piece of information here on staffing services. I had read both the posts. I think change in working style also inspired growth in staffing industry.

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