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Staffing Industry Veteran on the Magic of Conversations and Teamwork

Angie Smathers is an unstoppable force. She has worked for Celebrity Staff for over 20 years and in that time has helped innumerable job seekers find jobs at great companies. She has helped companies strategically approach hiring and been a trusted adviser to many of the top employers in Lincoln. Recently, Angie sat down with a colleague and discussed the direction of her career within the staffing industry and reflected on where it all began for her.

Celebrity Staff Lincoln team including Senior Recruiter Jill Warren, Senior Account Manager Angie Smathers, and Celebrity General Manager Patty North

Q: How have you evolved with your career over the years?

A: In my early days I had no patience. When issues would come up I would take it personally. The thing is, cars do break down. Kids do get sick. Loss is a part of life. Life does not stop because someone is employed. I have developed a lot more compassion in general as a result of working at Celebrity. This perspective is what helps me tell my candidate’s stories on their behalf. I am able to be their advocate. I take that part seriously. I am able to tell hiring managers to put down a one dimensional resume and look instead at the person who wants to work at their company.

Celebrity Staff Lincoln Account Manager Angie Smathers poses with Lincoln Employee of the Quarter

Q: That is one thing I’ve learned since working in staffing and have developed it into a mantra. I say all the time,”We are all one conversation away from a different life”. Do you think that is true?

A: Absolutely. Catching a candidate on the right day to talk about the right job that they never even considered could put their whole life on a different path. One conversation, at the right time with the right person is all it takes. So much of it comes down to timing and it comes down to putting yourself in the place to have those conversations. In my personal experience, one conversation is all it took to open up the door for me to have my job. So now I make it a point to hold the door open for others.

Q: What did you do before staffing and recruiting?

A: Before staffing I worked in collections making difficult phone calls to people who wanted nothing to do with me.I remember seeing Celebrity Staff advertisements in the newspaper. Self-doubt prevented me from pursuing any of the opportunities to work in an office. I thought the prerequisites were all that mattered, so I did not apply for data entry work or work as a secretary. The ads said Excel experience was a MUST. I didn’t think I was qualified.

Celebrity Staff Lincoln Senior Account Manager Angie Smathers and family

Q: So how did you wind up at Celebrity?

A: The right conversation with a former Celebrity Staff Branch Manager in a social setting made me believe that I should try. I was interested in business development. I was interested in helping others. I got the job. I was surprised by the demand for services. Companies needed help. Candidates needed help. I loved nurturing business relationships. I still am always happy to make the calls because I know they are coming from a positive place. I want to deliver on our mission to help people and companies achieve their goals. I am calling because I know that my team and I can help. Again, just the right combination of factors with the right person and things shifted.

Q: What has been the role of teamwork in your career?

A: I am not perfect. And on the right team a lack of perfection does not matter. A good team firing on all cylinders, determined to succeed because they are intrinsically motivated is immensely valuable. Being the coworker you want to have goes a long distance as well. We are here for others. Sometimes in order to perform better we have to experience set backs. Sometimes we have to receive feedback we do not like. I have loved working with Jill ( Lincoln Senior Recruiter) and watching her grow in her career and expertise. In my career I have learned exactly what a “good” manager looks like. At the end of the day, I feel fortunate to be a part of this organization and to have been a part of some amazing teams in my tenure.

Celebrity Staff Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Kansas City celebrate at company party.

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Celebrity Staff Lincoln Account Manager

Angie Smathers
Angie Smathers began her career in 1998, with 2019 marking her 20th year in the staffing industry.  In her time with Celebrity Staff, she has established long term partnerships with companies of various industries that include medical offices, revenue cycle management, HR, legal, advertising agencies, call center, banking, and financial investment firms.  Angie has placed countless individuals who are starting out in their career path or assisted them in their career transition. She has successfully forged positive, lasting career paths by identifying high caliber candidates with top employers!

She is a member of the Lincoln Human Resources Management Association (LHRMA) and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  In her free time, Angie enjoys spending time with family, walking, traveling, and reading.

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