working remote, Starting your Career While Working Remote

Starting your Career While Working Remote

I sat down with my friend who started a new job this week working from home. I heard her voice many concerns, challenges, and also many positive outlooks on the situation. After our conversation and thinking about my interactions with candidates on a daily basis, I came up with a few tips on starting your career from your home. 

Today, there is a new pressure of starting a job – working completely remote. New hires in today’s environment are trading a handshake for a Zoom call and a welcome note on your desk to an email. Bonding with your coworkers, learning new material, and getting adjusted to a new position takes more creativity and intentionality than ever! 

First, give yourself grace. A remote working environment may be totally new territory for everyone on your team, so take it one day at a time and focus on the things that you can control. There will be challenges you would not typically face in an office setting. There are distractions of children, pets, roommates, getting deliveries, and so much more.

You have to go into your work environment with realistic expectations. You are not going to sit down at your work space and stare at your computer for eight hours straight. That is just not attainable. This is also not how your work environment would be at an office. Typically, a day in the office is broken up in many different ways you may not even notice. You get up to refill your coffee and stop and chat with a co-worker on your way back to your desk. You may have other conversations throughout the day that also take up time. So don’t hesitate to take a five minute stretch break or grab some coffee throughout your day. Remember this when you are evaluating your effort for your time working from home. 

That being said, working from home does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want all day long. You were hired to do a job and trusted to get that job done from your home. Be sure you are making strides and do not make excuses. Use your time that you have set aside for work wisely by sticking to a schedule as much as you can to increase your productivity. Make a list of daily goals so you can keep track of what is a priority and be sure you are getting your work finished. You still want to make a great “first day impression” by working hard and bringing a positive attitude to your new job.   

Second, although you may be working from home, do not forget to work to build relationships with your co-workers. You are not alone in this environment and connecting with your team can be incredibly helpful. Take an extra few minutes out of your day to send an email or pick up the phone and call your co-workers to check in. This also will come in handy when you have questions. Starting a new job always comes with a wide range of questions and your co-workers can be there to help you out. 

Finally, always think of the bigger picture. If you are in a situation where working from home is temporary, think of the benefits you can take away from this experience. You are increasing your awareness of technology and seeing all the capabilities your company has. This can even bring you closer to your teammates as you are all going through a unique environment together. Find the positives in your work life and carry those with you even when you are back in the office.

You may not have expected to be starting a new position from your living room, but you are not alone and you can be successful! Give yourself grace, communicate with your team, keep in mind the bigger picture, and take it one day at a time!

working remote, Starting your Career While Working Remote

Beka Larson, Celebrity Staff
Beka grew up in Henderson, Nebraska and went to Nebraska Wesleyan University where she graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. Beka joined Celebrity Staff in October 2019 and is currently a Recruiter. Her favorite part of her job is building relationships with candidates and helping them find and utilize their talents in their career. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her friends and hitting the gym!

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