Staying in the Zone

Here is what I know – I started my year off, as I try to do every January, with a feeling of ambition, a sense of renewed vigor, and full of zeal to make my new year better than the last. I assume I’m no different than anyone reading this. My intention is to work hard, plan my work, and work the plan, stay focused, dedicated, and engaged, and execute to surpass my personal and professional goals.  It’s a no brainer, without goals, I can’t accomplish much since I don’t have direction and a plan.  After all what I put into each day’s efforts, I want to see, feel success, and make a positive impact, not only for myself but for my team’s success.

But what I didn’t know is how and why I got off track, this feeling of being out of my zone. I feel like I’ve lost my mojo. And why? This has been my “what is keeping me up at night” issue (kind of ashamed to admit that). Can anyone relate? I’ve been pondering the why factor to my dilemma and in retrospect the answer is still yet to be uncovered.  Maybe I should point blame and thank little Old Man Winter for the last four months of long, cold, dreary days. Your agony and your moodiness that would not quit has delayed my spring time rejuvenation. What should have happened in April but didn’t is what I call “spring time refresh” and now spring is gone; we are almost done with May and next up are the lazy days of summer.  With some self-evaluation, my reality check just got really “real”. Instead of an “aha” moment, I feel the moment is “uh oh”. So with some positive self-talk I’m leaving that behind and ready to reconquer to make things happen.  The great thing is there is still six months of “game time” and that means no time for lazy. I’ve got goals to continue to accomplish, so the time is now to kick it up, refocus, and get my mojo flowing, again! Sure there are times we feel off our game. It happens to all of us; the key is to know it and you will then figure out how to get yourself re-inspired to get back in the zone. Oh, I decided it’s best to quit shifting the blame to whatever it was that got me off my track, and just get back to what still needs my attention.

Whether you are in an administrative role, customer relations, or sales, we all are responsible for being the best employees in today’s competitive business market to make a positive impact in what we do for the success of our company.  Our team had a discussion at the beginning of the year on an enlightening book called You Gotta Get In The Game by Billy Cox. I just read this again as it’s a simple and easy read that provides practical insight to make you better tomorrow than today by offering spirit and energy to get you headed for improved success. Here are a few tips from the book. Hopefully this will help you as it has for me.  Enjoy!

Drivers to Get you in the Game:

  • Make decisions, take action, then do it today
  • Have goals, write it out, then always review
  • Think as a winner, have a positive attitude and outlooks, expect to win, challenge yourself to stay competitive, evaluate yourself and performance and be consistent
  • Believe in yourself, sell you, create positive situations
  • Have discipline, mental strength, take more initiative, be persistent and focused
  • Maintain integrity, be honest with yourself, handle challenges and adversity
  • Follow the rules, be fair, expect success
in the zone, Staying in the Zone
Angie Smathers, Celebrity Staff Senior Account Manager

About the Author Angie Smathers
Angie Smathers began her career in 1998, with 2013 marking her fifteenth year in the staffing industry.  In her time with Celebrity Staff , she has established long term partnerships with companies of various industries that include medical offices, revenue cycle management, HR, legal, advertising agencies, call center, banking, and financial investment firms.  Angie has placed countless individuals who are starting out in their career path or assisted them in their career transition. She has successfully forged positive, lasting career paths by identifying high caliber candidates with top employers!

She is a member of the Lincoln Human Resources Management Association (LHRMA) and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  In 2012, Angie attained C&A Industries’ company honor of achieving President’s Club for a third time. In her free time, Angie enjoys spending time with family, walking, traveling, and reading.

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