Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?

Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?

We all have those days, weeks, or sometimes even months where we get stuck in a rut at work and don’t know what to do. I recently read an article “7 Secrets to Get You Out of Your Career Rut” that gave me a variety of things that I could do to get out of my rut. Check out the seven ideas this article gave me, the questions I asked myself, and how I interpreted each idea below.

1. Evaluate your current situation. Ask yourself a few questions. Are there too many outside distractions? Are you happy with your job? Do you like your employer? Make a list of things you like and dislike about your job, your coworkers, and company.

2. Take a day off. Sometimes all you need is to take a day off and decompress. Choose a day during the week – a day where you have nothing else planned. Sleep in late, do a project you have been putting off, take a walk, go to the zoo, or catch up on your favorite TV show. This day is all about you and taking some down time that is needed.

3. Make new habits. This is as simple as getting up 10 minutes earlier every morning. There are so many things that you can do to change your normal every day routine and it can have a positive effect on your rut.

4. Learn a new hobby. Everyone has something that they have always wanted to learn or try. Take an hour out of your night when you get home or on the weekends and dive in.

5. Meet new people. Go to lunch with someone at work that you have only said hi to in passing. Check out the networking groups around town and pick one to join. Introduce yourself to someone in another department at your office.

6. Add things you enjoy to your job. Is there something you enjoy doing that you can do more? Do you want to learn something new? Ask yourself what new skills you’ve always wanted to learn and make a plan to do them.

7. Use your nights and weekends. Leave your work at work! Use your nights and weekends to spend with family and doing the things that you enjoy. Have family game night, cook dinner together, go to the batting cages, or just relax outside with a good book.

I recently was stuck in a rut and used just two of these ideas and was back to loving my job in no time. What have you tried that has gotten you out of your rut at work?

rut, Stuck in a Rut? What Can You Do?Kristi Elet Kristi started her career with Celebrity Staff as an account manager in July 2013 where she was able to gain insight into the inner workings of the staffing world. In August 2014, she transitioned over to operations as the office coordinator. Kristi thrives at the back office piece of things and enjoys taking on tasks that may seem mundane to others. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Julia, as well as the many family and friends she has in Omaha.

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