Why Use a Search and Staffing Company to Find Talent?

Just the other day I was working with a brand new client. They hadn’t ever utilized a firm such as ours and didn’t understand all the benefits surrounding our services. I spoke with her for quite some time regarding our features and benefits and explained that Omaha is known for its small to medium sized companies of 250 employees or less so helping companies like hers was right in our wheelhouse.

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The Low Down on Working with a Staffing Agency

It’s always interesting meeting with a new client and getting to know about their business. Among others, I’ve had the luxury to learn first hand about the logistics, insurance, and legal industries.

The majority of my assumptions about what they do were quickly proven wrong. As much as I think I understand the generalities of an organization, I simply base it off previous experiences, educated guesses, or hearsay. None of that screams factual.

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