Talkin’ Bout My Generation

There are currently five generations in the workplace. What’s that mean? It means your coworker, boss, or subordinate could be the same age as you, your parent, grandparent, child, or even grandchild. That means there are multiple views, education, skill levels, ideas, and opinions. As you can also imagine there are quite a few differences among the generations when it comes to technology, business practices, and communication.

There have been a lot of blogs and articles recently bashing the newest generations, Gen Y (The Millennials) and Generation 911. They have been labeled entitled, lazy, and narcissistic. I believe those are definitely traits of these generations, but there are a few more that are missing:

  • Educated: Gen Y has the highest number of college graduates than past generations.
  • Innovative: We are constantly thinking of new, easier, and more efficient ways of doing things.
  • Technologically Savvy: Gen Y grew up on cell phones, instant messenger, and Facebook – computers are our thing.
  • Eco Friendly: We are obsessed with saving the planet so much that we created millions of websites that demonstrate new ways to reuse material. 
  • Creative: We dare to be different weather it be our clothes, music, art, job, or lifestyle.
  • Connected: We are constantly posting, tweeting, and tagging our lives on social media sites.  We created a whole new marketing profession with all the social media outlets that have been created during our generation. #LetsTakeASelfie

We may challenge authority and think we’re always right, which can drive our counterpart generations crazy, but we definitely have a lot to learn. More and more people are graduating from college and working minimum wage jobs that only require a high school diploma or GED. Because of this our generation only adds to the national debt with all the student loans we’ve racked up and can barely afford to pay them back. We need help from the generations before us to trust us and give us a chance. Gen Y will make up 50 percent of the work force in the next 20 years, which means we need experience and mentoring to continue to improve and grow this economy.  

Let’s face it, the other generations need us as much as we need them. They need us to help with day-to-day computer problems, just like we need them to remind us to spell out our texting acronyms and hashtags.


Talkin’ Bout My GenerationSabrina Rogers

Sabrina has been a staffing assistant for Celebrity Staff since September 2012.  In her time with Celebrity, Sabrina has had the opportunity to work for all branches including Kansas City, Lincoln, and has currently found a home on the Omaha team.   She has really enjoyed getting to learn the ins and outs of multiple job orders and candidate pools throughout the three cities.  Previous to Celebrity, Sabrina worked as a retail manager at a home accessories and art store.  Her customer service experience and great people skills helped to make a smooth transition to the staffing industry.  Sabrina grew up in Omaha and graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a bachelor’s degree in interior design.  In her free time, she enjoys playing in various volleyball leagues, going to local concerts, and exploring Omaha with friends and family. 

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