The Low Down on Working with a Staffing Agency

It’s always interesting meeting with a new client and getting to know about their business. Among others, I’ve had the luxury to learn first hand about the logistics, insurance, and legal industries.

The majority of my assumptions about what they do were quickly proven wrong. As much as I think I understand the generalities of an organization, I simply base it off previous experiences, educated guesses, or hearsay. None of that screams factual.

Even before I started with Celebrity more than five years ago, I assumed I knew how staffing firms worked. They were put in place to immediately find people jobs. But of course, not every agency is structured that way, including Celebrity. Here are some common misconceptions about our company and further clarification on how we actually operate.

“Why won’t you tell me the name of the company? Is it a real company?”
Yes. The opportunities we post, present, and work are all real and legit. Put simply, we work with all parties on a confidential basis. There are candidates we represent who are currently working; they don’t want their current/previous employers to know they are looking to make a change, or for a variety of other reasons they wish to keep their job search private. The same holds true for our client companies. Some are making a replacement, reorganizing departments, handling medical leaves, or have an opening for which they don’t want hundreds of responses. While we may not be able to give out the company name when we initially talk to you, rest assured, it is a real opportunity and we will go into full disclosure before you interview with them.

“I’ve been working with you for three weeks, why haven’t you found me anything yet?”
Are you truly working with us? There can be many reasons why a candidate hasn’t been placed by x-amount of days, weeks, etc. Our hope is that everyone we represent finds their dream career through Celebrity, on their own or even (gasp!) with another staffing firm. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the positions we are recruiting for may require certifications, degrees, experience, or a skill set you’re simply not qualified for. Other times, the opportunity may be out of your preferred salary, length of commute, advancement opportunities, desired day-to-day duties or several other knock-out-factors. Again, we work with you to not only present positions you are qualified for, but also ones we think you’ll be interested in. The more flexible you are with your career pre-requisites, in general, the quicker the placement process. Also, if you feel it’s been awhile since we’ve communicated or there’s a position you are interested in learning more about, give us a call.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t have done that/dressed this way/said that in an actual interview”
Then why are you doing that with me? Our clients hire us to do the initial pre-screening for them. The way you act with me is how I assume you will act in front of them. This includes tardiness, cell phone usage, attire/appearance, communication, eye contact, attitude, and overall professionalism. While there is no cost to you to be evaluated and represented by Celebrity, we are paid by our clients to only submit candidates worth their time. I’m not damaging my relationship with a client, just because I met with you. You are not entitled an introduction with them. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. For our clients, the first impression begins (and sometimes ends) with me. Come to our interview prepared and ready to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other candidates we’ve spoken with. If nothing else, it’ll be great practice.

Our mission is to be the staffing provider of choice by helping people and companies achieve their goals. That is our actual mission statement found on the back of every business card, on our websites, and on every mouse pad in each of our offices. We not only believe it – we live it. Unfortunately, that sometimes means being the bearer of bad news and telling people what they don’t want to hear. While we’d love to help everyone who reaches out to us, it’s unrealistic. If you do work with Celebrity or another reputable firm, keep in mind it’s a process and a partnership. Don’t assume you know how the process works – ask questions! With your next career at stake, you owe it to yourself to ensure you have the right people in your corner. Who knows, a staffing firm could be one of them.



Celebrity Staff, The Low Down on Working with a Staffing Agency
Brad Lewis, Celebrity Staff Kansas City Branch Manager

About the Author, Brad Lewis

Brad joined Celebrity in 2005 and currently serves as Branch Manager for Celebrity’s Kansas City branch office. Prior to joining Celebrity Staff, Brad was a business consultant in the communications industry for five years working specifically in the Kansas and Missouri districts. As branch manager, Brad concentrates on ensuring excellence in the overall operations of the Kansas City branch for both clients and employees. Outside the office, Brad enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their family.

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