The Name of The Game

The Name of The Game

It is the offseason for the two most popular sports in America. The word offseason is a deceiving term because the top teams are doing anything but taking time off. They are scouting rookies and trying to work deals to land the top free agents in their game. They roll out the red carpet and fire up their private jets for these prospects in hopes of convincing them that the best move for their future is to join their team. It is a very cut-throat game of chess that GMs and coaches play to try to outsmart their counterparts to land that talent.

I have seen a close resemblance in the business world this year. In my last blog titled Are Candidates Declining Your Offers, I talked about how top candidates are receiving multiple offers and best practices to make sure those candidates accept your offer instead of your competitor. Since I wrote that, the candidate market has evolved even more and talent has become even scarcer. A candidate who would have been considered average a few years ago is now being courted like a #1 draft pick, complete with the red carpet, higher salaries, more generous PTO plans, and maybe even a private jet. If you don’t have a private jet at your disposal, don’t despair. I think I can help.

I can’t tell you how many times just this month I have called a candidate to schedule a first interview only to find out that they are weighing two offers and are at the decision phase of their job search already. These candidates submitted their first applications less than two weeks ago! Smart recruiters and human resources professionals are landing this top talent for one reason and one reason alone: SPEED. Surprise! Not a private jet. (Pro tip:  if you have a private jet, you will probably want to bring that up in an interview. It can’t hurt your chances.)

The most successful organizations in their respective industries became successful by adapting to the market and evolving to capitalize on opportunities. In this market, it is responding to candidates in a timely manner. I’m willing to bet that your company has overcome changes in the industry and adapted to continue growing despite those changes. Recruiting top talent is no exception. Times are changing and you must change with them to land those key players who will help your business emerge as a leader in your field. And speed is the name of the game.

Gone are the days of sifting through resumes and sending candidates through a combination of tests, drills, and interviews. Gone are the days of the standard that recruiters are reaching out to candidates seven days after they have submitted their applications. As you are setting up that third interview, your competitor has an offer letter in the candidate’s inbox and they are already preparing a desk for them. In this employment market, we must act quickly and decisively as if the future of your business depends on this hiring decision…because it does.

So roll out that red carpet, scout those prospects, and land that draft pick that will help shape your championship team. Be the recruiter that always implements speed in their follow up and follow through. Remember, that’s the name of the game. This is the key piece of the puzzle that starts a dynasty for your organization. If all else fails, remember there is always a private jet!


The Name of The GameBrandon Neal has been with Celebrity Staff since December of 2014. He enjoys checking in with candidates after they have started their new job and hearing how happy they are in their new role. Prior to Celebrity, Brandon spent three years in lawn care management. He was also a member of the Armed Forces for five years. He is originally from Fulton, KY and moved to Omaha in 2002 as a member of the US Air Force. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their two daughters, Avery and Mallory. He enjoys spending time with his two little girls and he is an avid dart player and golfer.

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