Time to Take a Break. It’s the Holiday Season, Right? Au Contraire…

Time to Take a Break. It’s the Holiday Season, Right? Au Contraire…

How many of you, by the raise of an eyebrow, can say it doesn’t make any sense to search for a job during the holidays?

I hope that eyebrow stayed put! Holidays are one of the best times to search for a new job. Why?

It’s two fold really. Reasons involve both the job seeker as well as the employer.

Reason 1: Most passive and/or active job seekers take time off around the holidays. What does this mean? There are fewer resumes being submitted via job boards. Your chances of getting an interview are greater. With that being said, for every Christmas gift you buy, apply for a new job!

Reason 2: Company budgets start fresh January 1st. Companies will try to use their budget dollars to fill openings so they don’t lose money or head count for the following year. One of the strongest hiring periods occurs during first quarter. Companies will interview in November and December to be proactive in their hiring decisions. Clear your schedule!

Reason 3: Decision makers are sometimes easier to reach. They have year-end projects and initiatives to complete. One of those initiatives may be filling jobs. After all, the office is probably more quiet than usual. What a great time to review applications and resumes. Forget vacation! They have work to do!

Reason 4: This is the best time to reach out to your network. Think about the last time you spoke to some of your key contacts. Send them a holiday greeting card. Use this as an opportunity to re-open the doors. You could say something like “It’s been awhile since we’ve spoke. I’d like to do coffee or lunch sometime in the near future to talk about _______.” It’s time to get creative!

Take advantage of the holidays. Job seekers who are consistent in their search are the ones who get offers.

If anyone can relate and would like to share their story, please feel free.

Happy Holidays!

holiday job search, Time to Take a Break. It’s the Holiday Season, Right? Au Contraire…Lauren Piper CIR, CSSR

Lauren, Senior Recruiter, has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June of 2011. She recruits and places both active and passive candidates in a wide range of positions ranging anywhere from $10/hour to $100k/year. Lauren represents Celebrity Staff at various career fairs and networking events in the Des Moines area. She is an active Ambassador of the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board for the Central Iowa Society of Human Resource Management as the VP of Young Professional Engagement and College Relations. In her free time, she enjoys participating in recreational sports and practicing yoga.

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