job board, Tips to Stand Out on a Job Board

Tips to Stand Out on a Job Board

If there is one thing I have done a lot of in my short time with Celebrity Staff, it has been to scrub job boards looking for candidates. When it came time to decide a topic on a blog, I thought “Tips to Stand Out on a Job Board” was an easy choice for me to make. Most of my time is spent on Indeed, but I have gathered knowledge from other Recruiters and Account Managers for insight on how they know who to message and pass on by browsing platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the rest.

Employment Dates – A general consensus among everyone is the importance of putting down your dates of employment and education—not just the year, but the month and year. If I see a resume that has several jobs on it, and there is a job showing experience in what I am looking for, it is hard to judge the duration of that job if it says 2018-2019. That date format can give me a range as low as two months, or as high as two years. That time makes a big difference for our clients. It is a huge driving factor, especially if you have held a handful of jobs over the years.

Graduation Date – Please, please, please put down the year you graduated, especially if you do not have a long tenured job on your resume. Since we are not able to work with people in high school, I skip over a lot of people who do not have a date on their education because I can’t decipher if they graduated or not.  

Job Descriptions – Another important factor is the amount of detail you put into job descriptions. There is a sweet spot to find between having nothing but a job title and including every single task you did at a job. We have seen some things that would be considered too much “fluff”. You don’t want to over qualify yourself out of a position because you think that is the only way for you to get hired. Managers are realizing these days that sometimes it is easier to train someone with little to no experience than it is to train a highly experienced person on new processes. Integrity and honesty about your actual experience tells a lot about how you are going to present yourself in a work setting. DO NOT EVER USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR YOUR RESUME! It is a red flag from the start.

Someone taught me early on in my career to save every job posting that I applied for. In the event that you get the job, you can use the posting as the general guidelines for updating your resume. What better way to have a detailed job description than the one that was written for your specific job!? Now that you have the basics of what your job consists of, you are able to fine tune it to what you have done, and add any important additional tasks you completed over your tenure. One final thing about your job description is always pay attention to how you use your verbiage. A previous job should use past tense such as, “Produced quarterly numbers…”, while a current job should show the present tense, “Produce quarterly numbers…” This makes it easier for me to figure out if you are still employed at that company or not.

Professionalism – Recruiters and Account Mangers use LinkedIn to find that higher level, more professional type of employee. They can find more passive people who aren’t quite looking for a job, but would fit a more detailed search. Always go for having a professional photo for your account! It presents you well and shows that you can show up and impress.

If you use Facebook for your job search, remember that people will check out your profile and pictures before deciding to contact you. Many people keep their profiles on low security and they continually post inappropriate pictures. A company has a good image to uphold, and if anyone can click on a profile and see the posts, think what a potential employer can see. Think before you post – this can be said across all forms of social media. 

Indeed will help you build your resume and is a perfect job board for the entry to mid-level candidate. Keep your resumes organized, in chronological order, and include more than just a job title. It is very easy to use specific searches on job titles, job descriptions, and skills. That is why it is so important to have a clear and complete resume to make it easier to be found among your peers.

job board, Tips to Stand Out on a Job Board

Alex Barto
Alex started his career at C&A Industries two years ago in the payroll department and joined Celebrity Staff in January 2020. Originally from Kearney, NE he slowly migrated to Omaha after spending two years in Lincoln after high school. What Alex enjoys most about working with Celebrity Staff is the always changing atmosphere and interacting with so many different people. He has a brand new perspective on how the interview and job search processes are for everyone. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing Frisbee with his dog at the park, riding his bike, or being at the gym.

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