resignation, What to Avoid When You Resign From an Organization

What to Avoid When You Resign From an Organization

There are some important things to avoid when you’ve made the decision to leave your current job. Handling a resignation poorly impacts your co-workers the most. You never know what the future holds and down the road you may need something from your previous employer such as a reference. I’ve even had former employees want to return after a sour resignation.

Here are some examples of what to avoid when you decide to leave your job:

  • No call no show, walking out in the middle of the day, or a note under your keyboard before disappearing may lead to calls to your emergency contacts! Expect your supervisor will want to talk to you about your decision. In many situations your supervisor will want to learn from you and in others your employer may be upset you are leaving. Either way, approach the conversation with positive assumptions.
  • Sending an email or a text message sends a message you don’t want to talk in person. While a conversation may be uncomfortable, and yes it takes courage, it will help you leave a better impression as you exit the company.
  • Updating your social media status before telling your supervisor runs the risk of hurting your professional image more than anything.
  • Telling your colleague to let your supervisor know you won’t be returning or having your parent call and say you’re not returning is never OK! I hope this doesn’t need more explanation.

Leaving your current position the right way keeps the door open for a continued professional relationship. You just never know when you may end up working together again!

resignation, What to Avoid When You Resign From an Organization

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