What to Update Before Starting Your Job Search

What to Update Before Starting Your Job Search

If you are someone currently searching for a job, there are some things you will want to update before sending out an application to a company. The first thing that everyone remembers to do is update their resume, which is great, but what about all the other factors that are looked at when someone is reviewing your application. What other factors, you ask? Here are some common ones that I see a lot that are most often overlooked on the candidates’ side.

Make sure you have an appropriate email address. Some people still use the same email address that they made back in 8th grade. My advice to you is when you start looking for a new job, update your email address too. Don’t use an email address with a silly nickname that sounds unprofessional. In my day to day when I’m speaking with candidates over the phone, I like to clarify their email address that we have on file for them. It can make for an awkward conversation when your recruiter says to you “Okay, the email we have here on file for you is ‘poohbear27@_____.com’, is that correct?” Usually I get an “Oh boy, I really need to update my email, but yes that is correct.” You want your future employers to view you as a professional, so be sure all email addresses are professional as well.

Update and clean out your voicemail. Let’s face it, no one likes to take a call from an unknown number nowadays. A lot of people, including myself, let unknown numbers go straight to voicemail instead of answering. “If it’s important they’ll leave a voicemail.” Many recruiters like to call their candidates with positions that have openings. We usually want to get you on the phone, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity. If we miss you, we leave voicemails with the information requesting call backs. Please be sure your voicemail mailbox is cleaned out, so you can accept voicemails from people calling you. Alongside that, be sure to also include an appropriate greeting to your voicemail.

Check your job boards. While updating your resume is the first thing that you think to update when you’re back to job searching, remember to also keep your job boards up to date. Recruiters can view your resume or work history on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed, so it’s important these are continually up to date as well. Refresh your job boards with any recent positions, accomplishments, or skills you’ve received since last updating. Job boards and social media are great for networking purposes—just always remember to keep it professional.

While these may seem like minor things to keep in mind during an application process, these are things that recruiters and hiring managers look at. Professionalism is important, and if you’re looking to stand out, make sure these items are up to date just like your resume.

Maddie Schultz, Celebrity Staff
Maddie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2019 with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She started working for Celebrity Staff in January 2020 as a Staffing Assistant. Maddie’s favorite thing about working for Celebrity Staff is the constant support and help she receives every day from her colleagues. She has enjoyed being able to learn new skills and grow professionally since beginning her role in January. Outside of the office Maddie enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and traveling to new places around the world.

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