Who Works for Celebrity Staff Omaha

Who Works for Celebrity Staff Omaha

The last three months we have featured three of our office locations and now it’s time to feature our flagship: Omaha headquarters of Celebrity Staff, an affiliate of C&A Industries! This one should be an easy blog, however as I have fingers on the keyboard it is proving to be the more challenging of the group! Why you ask? Our Omaha team is three times the size of our other locations (for now…watch for future blogs on growth plans!). Past blogs shared something unique about each person and let’s face it, if I try to personally introduce 16 people in one blog I will lose you…right about now.

Instead, I will share some fun facts about this branch and then one team within Omaha. That means I’ve just extended my blog schedule, but I think it’s worth it. Let’s start by introducing our account management team!

Who Works for Celebrity Staff OmahaLauren Miller’s account development career started at age 12 with her hand-made marketing fliers letting the neighbors know she was now a certified babysitter and ready to work! Sounds like a natural fit for Celebrity Staff in marketing the skills of the candidates she works with.

Natalie Bessen’s early career exploration was in TV production. There’s nothing like learning how to juggleWho Works for Celebrity Staff Omaha commercials and on-air talent in a live setting to prepare you for the unexpected! This experience prepped Natalie for the changing priorities that can happen in recruiting and staffing. All it takes is one phone call and our priorities change so that we can find the right people for any business at a moment’s notice!

Sarah Kaczmarek tells me that her time in her sorority prepared her for this job. Who Works for Celebrity Staff OmahaHer first leadership role was Membership Chair and it provided her with her first taste of recruiting. She recruited businesses to provide donations and students to join in, a perfect fit for what Sarah does every day in recruiting companies and candidates to help people and companies achieve their goals.

Felicia Tekolste learned in college basketball that no one player wins the game. A Who Works for Celebrity Staff Omahateam with a variety of skills and strengths is what creates a winning basketball team. Same concept with how Celebrity operates as a team. You may talk with more than one player, but every player is in the game to get our candidates and clients matched with the right jobs and opportunities. We are glad to have Felicia on our team!

We have a few coaches in our midst! Jessica Howes loves competitive cheer Who Works for Celebrity Staff Omahaand found that after college she can enjoy the competition while coaching kids. It was her cheer coach role that introduced her to a manager with one of our affiliate divisions and ultimately led her to Celebrity Staff. Rance Johnson is on pace for a championship year at Celebrity Staff. No surprise since Rance is a coach to his son’s soon to be championship baseball, football, and soccer teams and was recently asked to coach a select team. Let’s not forget he coaches one of his other son’s t-ball teams.

While some information on Google differs on whether darts is a sport, Brandon Neal will tell you otherwise. Brandon is one of the nation’s top ranked dart players! He has traveled the country to Who Works for Celebrity Staff Omahaparticipate in tournaments with some pretty big prize payouts! Next time you talk with Brandon, ask him about his top honors earned. It may not allow him to retire, but his drive to succeed serves him well on the Celebrity team.

Another sport that can be enjoyed as a hobby is sand volleyball. Chris Gibson not only enjoys sand volleyball but organizes a tournament for charity every year. That makes Chris a great fit for Celebrity Staff because our culture from the top down is that we give back to our community when we have the chance. This is your chance to help Chris and meet many of the Celebrity team members at this year’s event on August 18, 2018 in Omaha. Click here to learn more.

Next time you call Celebrity Staff, be sure to ask our eight star Account Managers to tell you more about themselves. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who Works for Celebrity Staff OmahaPatty North, CPC, SPHR, Celebrity Staff General Manager As the general manager of Celebrity Staff, a leading staffing and recruitment firm, Patty North has assisted organizations across a four-state region with the development and implementation of best practice strategies in the areas of talent acquisition and talent management. Her collective insight and expertise on workforce planning, garnered from her 19 years in the staffing industry, has enabled clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Patty has served as an Advisory Board member of ICAN (Institute for Career Advancement Needs), is a past-president of the NE Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NAFCS), and has been a guest speaker at the University of Nebraska – Omaha on topics ranging from resume writing to interviewing. Patty has also been a guest presenter at Women’s Leadership Conference and break-out session presenter at the Nebraska State Human Resources Association annual conference.

In addition, Patty is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and has her Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification (SPHR). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources and Family Sciences.

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