Why Cancelling an Interview Is Better Than No-Showing!

Why Cancelling an Interview Is Better Than No-Showing!

The questions, “Can I cancel my interview?” and “What should I do? I have an interview scheduled today and I can’t make it,” are frequently asked by candidates. Some people would rather just do a no-call, no-show than call the employer to cancel. The one thing employers want to advise candidates on is that you are NOT the first person to cancel an interview and you will not be the last.

Employers understand that things come up unexpectedly and that you may need to reschedule or cancel. The past year has included unprecedented obstacles to finding jobs and employers understand that things happen that cause a need for rescheduling an interview. In an event that this happens, here are three tips that will help you handle the situation professionally.

1.) Have a Valid Reason

If you must cancel an interview, make sure it is for a valid reason. Coming up with something such as wanting to hang out with friends, watching TV, or losing track of time is not something an employer is going to want to hear. If something important or urgent comes up and you need to reschedule or cancel, give them a call as soon as possible!

2.) Call Ahead

If a time ever arises and you must reschedule or cancel your interview, call ahead. Letting them know what is going on shows the employer or hiring manager you are responsible and interested in the position. If you are not able to speak to the hiring manager, leaving a voicemail and following up with an email is preferred. They would rather hear from you than you just not showing up for the interview.

3.) Do Not Be a No-show

The last thing you want to do is not show up to your scheduled interview. This gives the employer the wrong impression. Calling and rescheduling or cancelling only takes a minute, but it shows the employer you are serious about finding a position. Make sure to provide times soon that would work for you to reschedule the interview.

If you want to cancel an interview because you have decided you either do not want the job or there is another position that you have accepted, it is still important to take that extra minute to reach out to the hiring manager and let them know what is going on. If you are ever in need of their services again or you come across a position they offer, your file will show that you called to reschedule and were a responsible candidate. What most people do not understand is that most employers have an electronic file with the candidate’s name, and it will show them when they had a no-call, no-show to an interview. This will lead to them not reaching out to you in the future for other opportunities.

Taking these three steps should leave a good impression on the employer or hiring manager, and it will make them want to work with you again in the future. A lot of time and work goes into reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and setting up interviews, so please take a minute to call or email to reschedule or cancel an interview. Setting yourself apart from other job seekers will help you stay front of mind for the best opportunities during this every changing job market.

Why Cancelling an Interview Is Better Than No-Showing!Chris Humphries

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