Why Haven’t They Called Me?

Why Haven’t They Called Me?

Have you ever worked with a staffing company and wondered why you weren’t being called for jobs? It’s their job to find you something, right? Not entirely. Before you blame your recruiter for not finding you that perfect opportunity, stop and think. Have you reached out to them lately to see what new jobs they are working on? Have you kept them updated on your availability to interview or let them know where you have been applying? If not, it’s likely that someone else has, and that someone is whom they will think of first when a new position comes in. That someone is whom they are more likely to reach out to and why you may not get a call.

While job searching can be frustrating, and you want someone to just find you a job, you cannot rely 100 percent on your recruiter to do that. Recruiters would love to find the perfect position for every candidate they work with, but that is just not realistic.

When working with a staffing company, how can you make yourself stand out? How can you make sure you are the one getting that phone call? Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes and unfortunately yours can get lost in the shuffle. An easy way to stand out above the rest and get your resume to the top of the stack is to follow up with them. It sounds simple, but it is a critical step in the process and one that is often missed. When you apply for a job, contact the company and ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring for that role. Make sure they received your resume and let them know how excited you are about the opportunity. Sell yourself and your skill set to them. Get them excited about working with you. Following up after applying for a job may help you land the interview opportunity, but it doesn’t end there. Following up after an interview becomes even more important.

Following up and checking in with your recruiter about positions you have interviewed for shows your interest and commitment level. Most importantly, it will keep you top of mind to them so when that perfect position comes in, they will think to call you first. Recruiters won’t have to search through hundreds of files to see who is qualified and who may be interested. They will be familiar with your background through your recent conversations and will call you for the opportunity.

When recruiters do call you about jobs and have to leave a message, make sure you follow up. Even if you’re not interested in the position they were calling about, return the phone call. Calling them back will let them know that you are still looking for work. It will let them know you’re serious about your job search and allow you to discuss any other opportunities your recruiter may be working on. By not returning the call, it might mean that you won’t get one in the future.

Following up is extremely important, even if you find a new position on your own. Follow up with your recruiter and let them know that you are no longer looking for work. Do not just assume they will get the hint when you stop returning their phone calls. By failing to follow up, you can burn bridges that you may need in the future.

So as you focus on your job search, remember the importance of follow up. Remember the difference a simple phone call can make. And remember, if you’re not getting a phone call, someone else is. Following up will help you become that person.

call back, Why Haven’t They Called Me?Kiley Clausen
Kiley grew up in the small town of Oakland, Iowa. She attended college at the University of Iowa where she graduated in May 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After college, Kiley lived in Des Moines for a year and worked as a home mortgage consultant at Wells Fargo. She moved to Omaha in June 2011 and joined Celebrity Staff. Since then, she held various positions including staffing assistant, recruiter, and operations assistant. She is currently the operations manager, where she assists the Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln, and Kansas City teams. She enjoys being part of the staffing industry and finds that no two days are ever the same. In her free time, Kiley enjoys spending time with her husband Justin, daughter Harper, and friends and family.

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