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Why I Want Your Feedback

Surveys are one of the most underrated sources of feedback that are often overlooked. We as consumers get caught up in our busy lives and when you are getting so many surveys, which one do you fill out? You probably feel like everyone is sending a survey these days, from car dealerships to your favorite fast food restaurants printing them at the bottom of your receipt.

You might ask yourself why everyone wants your feedback, including your staffing provider, and what is done with the data. While I can’t explain the why behind other surveys, I can provide some insight into the Celebrity Staff surveys. Here are the two main reasons we use surveys:

1. We want to know how we can improve to fulfill your staffing needs! If I don’t ask, I will not improve. If you don’t fill out the survey, how am I supposed to improve?

2. Will these improvements keep you as a loyal client? Maybe or maybe not, but how will we know if the survey never gets filled out?

Now that you know the why behind our surveys, here are some tips on understanding it:

We have five categories: Communication, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Requirements Specifications, and Problem Solving. You then have the opportunity to select an “Overall rating of your Account Manager”.

We ask how satisfied you are in these categories on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being outstanding. Of course, we would always like to receive an outstanding rating, but if that is not how you rated us, providing comments on your rating is extremely helpful.

What do we do with the survey responses? Do we just look at the score and move on? No! These surveys are a companywide initiative to make sure that we are fulfilling the needs of our clients. Upper management receives these surveys and provides coaching and feedback where necessary and praise where it is deserved.

Every client is important to us and we value your feedback. We want to be able to provide amazing service and meet your needs every time. We can’t do that without your help.

So next time you see “just another survey” come across your email, take a few moments and fill it out honestly. We cannot improve without your help!

Jason Randazzo
Jason joined Celebrity Staff in 2014 as an Account Manager servicing the Omaha market. Jason recently relocated to Omaha from Chicago. He holds an associate’s degree in business management and brings more than 10 years of management and recruitment experience in the business world. Most recently, Jason has been promoted to the Recruiting Manager where he is coaching and developing recruiters in all Celebrity Staff’s markets. Jason quickly identified that his biggest strengths were connecting with the clients and recruiting top talent and he has been able to share that knowledge with his staff and clients. Co-workers describe Jason as someone who brings high energy and will jump right in to help the team. In his spare time Jason enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife, Jenna, son, Vincent, and daughter, Mia.

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