Why Use a Search and Staffing Company to Find Talent?

Just the other day I was working with a brand new client. They had never utilized a firm such as ours and didn’t understand all the benefits surrounding our services. I spoke with her for quite some time regarding our features and benefits and explained that Omaha is known for its small to medium sized companies of 250 employees or less so helping companies like hers was right in our wheelhouse. I further explained that we work on a contingency basis so we can provide them with our services for free until they decide to hire our candidate. While we certainly can help on the difficult searches, we find our biggest success is with companies that are having challenges finding time and additional resources to obtain great talent. This is due to the fact that small to medium sized business owners have their hands in other pots such as business development, marketing, and accounting, just to name a few.

I further explained that I have been in the search and staffing industry for the past 16 years. She told me she received my name through a past colleague of hers and understood that I help people find jobs and help companies find talent. My company, Celebrity Staff, is one of the best in search and staffing companies around as we are a staple in the Omaha market but we also service regional areas such as Lincoln, Des Moines, and Kansas City. Our specialty niche areas are administrative, legal, and management positions and this was exactly what she was looking for at this time. I told her that finding talent and making the right match for their open positions is not what she does 100 percent of the time so it would take her a substantially longer time to place an ad, review the resumes, screen the interested parties, schedule interviews, and finally make an offer. This is what we do our entire day, every day! This of course didn’t include time for a background check and drug screen. She gave me her timeline to hire someone. We laid out a calendar only to discover that she wanted someone in a month. I showed her how in December 2014 we were at a 2.9 percent unemployment rate in NE and that meant she most likely would be looking at a candidate who is currently employed. We needed to find someone for her right away and this someone needed to be identified within a week!

We ended up scheduling lunch together. I sat down with her and explained all the areas in which I felt I could be a benefit to her company. I was an advisor and a coach. She asked my advice on compensation and she told me about their benefit packages. I explained our customized solutions, offering Temp, Match-Hire®, and Direct Hire opportunities to candidates based on their needs and the needs of our clients. We provide outlets for questions to interviewing, resume writing, dress codes, compensation, etc.

She decided to go with our firm, we did business together, and we have since become friends. She knows that I have her best interest at heart when it comes to her and her company.

Just like my client who hadn’t utilized all of our services, I hope that after reading this you come to the realization that Celebrity Staff can be more beneficial to your organization and allow us to help your business grow. As you seek out options for hiring your staff or refilling your current vacancies, remember to look at all options and talk to experts in the field that have far reaching connections and networking options outside of traditional job boards. You never know where that gem of talent may be hiding. I look forward to hearing from you!

staffing company, Why Use a Search and Staffing Company to Find Talent?Karla Keegan
Karla began working for Celebrity Staff in 2009 as an Account Manager and was quickly promoted to a Senior Account Manager. Karla currently holds the role of Branch Manager and 2014 marks her sixteenth year in the staffing and recruiting industry. She has worked in several large cities throughout her career and secured business in a wide variety of industries ranging from call centers, banking, manufacturing, mortgage, utilities, real estate, medical, and many more. Karla has helped countless people find rewarding careers and is responsible for cultivating and retaining new business.

Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Karla graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development with a minor in music. She is a member of Human Resources Association of the Midlands (HRAM). She is also a member of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

Outside of work, Karla stays busy with her two children, traveling, and spending time with good friends. She is passionate about helping people and her community.


  1. You’re right: it’s important to take staffing needs seriously! Many people think that they’ll be able to ‘figure it out’ as they go, but that’s just not the case. If you don’t have experience staffing, hiring a staffing company can be a great move. It can save you a lot of headaches in the future! Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

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