Work towards Being the Golden Egg in the Basket

In an economy where more and more companies are hiring, it’s not hard to justify that finding the golden candidate for the job is a challenge. Companies are realizing that their benefits package, salary, work-life balance, flexibility, and opportunity for growth need to be more competitive to attract job seekers.

In today’s economy, the power has truly shifted to the job seeker. What does that mean for you? It means that you won’t tolerate slow hiring, the lack of feedback from decision makers, or the extensive application process required by many companies.

Although you may not tolerate the things listed above, job searching in 2015 continues to become lengthy. Employers are stretching out their interviewing and relying on online applications. They might even call for a job shadow prior to putting a job offer together.

I recently read an article on that states there are five things to know about job searching in 2015: The process will take longer than you think, simply being qualified won’t get you an interview, employers are increasingly relying on online applications (to the detriment of the job seekers), it’s tough to change fields, and be prepared to demonstrate your work in action.

My point is this…it’s a constant battle between what the candidate wants and what the client wants. Even though the power lies with the candidate, it doesn’t mean decision makers lose all power in the process. Companies will adapt to the market shift by creating a more in-depth screening process to be reassured that they are making the right hiring decisions. Recruiters might even post their position on every single job board possible, but that just means there’s a higher likelihood that your resume won’t even get looked at.

Keep in mind that technology today (social media, Indeed jobs, mobile apps, and other various job boards) has created a surplus of applicants for each job posted. That means your competition to even get a shot in interviewing has increased drastically. Think about other ways you can find out about new opportunities. Get creative. Join a networking group! Statistics today show that networking is the most successful way to find a job. Develop contacts – friends, college alumni, family, or people in various associations. Another avenue to take might involve getting a little more aggressive in your search and reaching out to hiring managers directly. Use LinkedIn to your advantage!

As a candidate in a pro-candidate market, don’t get caught up in a situation where all your eggs are in one basket. Just because the market is in your favor, it doesn’t mean you should rely on the same old adage of applying on a job board and hoping for the best. Take the steps necessary to separate yourself from the crowd. As I mentioned above, join a networking group and make new contacts. People like putting a face to a name when looking at someone’s resume. If you have the ability to get your name in the company’s door through a referral instead of a job board, your chances of getting an interview increase exponentially and will put you steps ahead of your competition.

There will be a plethora of job opportunities this year so how are you going to be the golden egg in a basket full of job applicants?

golden egg, Work towards Being the Golden Egg in the BasketLauren Cushing
Lauren Cushing has been employed with Celebrity Staff since June 2011. Highly competitive and always eager to take on challenges, Lauren consistently strives day in and day out to find that perfect candidate match for any prospective company. Co-workers describe her as someone who brings high energy and an innate ability to consistently express a sense of urgency in her recruitment practices. Her favorite aspect of recruitment is sourcing and the opportunity to headhunt for that perfect candidate. In her free time she enjoys being an active member of various recreational sports, such as volleyball and softball.

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