Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter, Celebrity Staff honors employees who demonstrate the highest level of dedication, integrity, and performance while on assignment in a supplemental or project capacity. We’re proud to recognize those who represent Celebrity Staff and serve our clients in an extraordinary way.

Congratulations to these outstanding Celebrity Staff employees:

Celebrity Staff Omaha Employee of the Quarter

Chalise (middle) with Supervisor, Nedra (left), and Sales Manager, Sarah Kazmareck

Celebrity Staff Omaha Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Chalise

Celebrity Staff Omaha has selected Chalise for our Employee of the Quarter! Chalise works in an administrative capacity within her department and she has been on assignment with us since November 2015. She is always the picture of reliability and her supervisor enjoys having her as a member of the team. In her day-to-day work, Chalise is a phone operator for the main phone console and she reviews policies. She is described by those that work closely with her as helpful, willing to go above and beyond, and upbeat. Chalise answers anywhere between 50-80 calls a day and she reviews between 50-100 policies each day. She exceeds expectations with her work and her diligence and attitude are very much appreciated. Her supervisor commented that because she does such an outstanding job it makes her role as a supervisor easier. We appreciate Chalise’s dedication to her role and we are so excited to be able to recognize her for this award!

Celebrity Staff Lincoln Employee of the Quarter

Emma with Senior Account Manager, Angie Smathers

Celebrity Staff Lincoln Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Emma

Celebrity Staff Lincoln has selected Emma as our Employee of the Quarter. She started working with us on a temporary assignment in June 2016 and since then she has been an asset to her busy division. She handles a high number of calls coming in from citizens who are voicing concerns and are bursting with ideas on how to improve their community. This role demands someone who is friendly, caring, and has a sense of humor, and Emma delivers! If she knows that ultimately an issue will require research or another department getting involved, Emma is respectful of the public’s time and will do the appropriate research and follow up with the party to keep them informed. Celebrity Staff is proud of the work Emma has done on assignment and feels like she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in her role. Her supervisor stated that she was very adaptable, gets along well with the citizens, and always has an upbeat attitude. She has a natural ability to put herself into their shoes to help understand and empathize with their concerns. She has a great phone presence and her communication skills are superb. She also has good follow up and takes on additional clerical support tasks when needed. Great job Emma! We feel so fortunate to be a part of your career!

Celebrity Staff KC Employee of the Quarter

Jamison (middle, red sweater) with coworkers

Celebrity Staff Des Moines Q1 Employee of the Quarter: Jamison

Celebrity Staff Des Moines has selected Jamison as our Employee of the Quarter. Jamison has a role that requires confidentiality, task prioritization, and very important detailed work. He helps guide his fellow coworkers through projects and has really developed into the role of a leader at the organization he is on assignment with. From the time he started he has looked for ways to take on additional responsibilities and is always open and willing to help out wherever he can. Jamison is described as thorough, intelligent, and reliable. When his supervisor was talking about how Jamison has gone above and beyond we were told that he has been instrumental in helping the team with a large office remodel and transition. He sought out work to do when he had downtime and he did everything with grace and a positive attitude. On the subject of his attitude, one of his strongest assets is his willingness to dive head first into projects. He remains motivated and eager. His supervisor stated, “He is truly a breath of fresh air”. What an amazing testament to his work ethic and value as an employee. We are proud to have Jamison as a candidate of Celebrity Staff and cannot wait to see his career develop.

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