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Developing Relationship with Staffing Firms Can Help Ease Hiring Pinch

Midlands Business Journal - May 12, 2017
Celebrity Staff

The current labor crunch has put the squeeze on many Midlands companies, dampening growth opportunities. Employing a staffing service can help ease this pinch, provided you find the right match for your company. “A recommendation that I like to give is to make sure (a staffing firm) is a service that has experience placing people in the type of role you are seeking,” said Eric Beck, sales manager with Celebrity Staff, an affiliate of C&A Industries. “This market is flooded with staffing companies that claim they are specialists in every industry and every position. Would you go to the same doctor for the flu as you would for brain surgery? No, so make sure you are working with a partner that specializes in what you are looking for.” Beck said good areas to discuss include: the number of people the firm has placed in roles similar to yours over the past three to six months, how long the company has been in business in the local market and to get details about the firm’s overall structure. “The team concept is beneficial; would you rather have a team working on your positions or one person?” he said. “Some of the other specific things I would dig into is their process, from finding candidates to screening candidates to what you can expect from them throughout the process. “All these things should be answered very easily without hesitation. If there is a hesitation I would consider that a red flag and seek out a different potential partnership.”