As Area Job Market Sees Continued Growth, Staffing Firms add Services

Midlands Business Journal, November 20, 2012

Despite the pressures on the national economy, concerns about the fiscal cliff and uncertainty surrounding health care reform, Nebraska companies continue to grow. This keeps unemployment down and the job market competitive.

"Increased requests for executive assistants and mid-to-upper level administrative staff are one sign of an improving economic outlook, said Patty North, regional manager with Celebrity Staff, a division of C&A industries. "These are positions that were eliminated or combined with other roles in offices when the recession first began," she said. "A recent CareerBuilder survey indicates that more than 1 in 4 companies plan to hire in the 4th quarter." Good candidates may find themselves with several offers to choose from, North said. Interested companies are challenged to move fast when they find the right person. "There are software tools that many employers use to screen candidates, and if they don't have the right key words on their resume, they may be overlooked," she said. Currently Celebrity Staff is working to identify passive candidates, people who are already employed but considering a job change. "Those individuals benefit from our ability to match them with an open position they may not know about or did not consider previously" she said.

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