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Shortage of qualified candidates hindering employers across industries

May 1, 2015

Today companies need qualified workers as businesses grow but many are faced with a small pool of candidates. Lincoln’s low unemployment rate has created increased demand for trained recruiters, both in recruiting firms and in-house corporate recruiting staff, said Patty North, general manager of Celebrity Staff, a division of C&A Industries. In a low unemployment market where few people are not working, businesses need to be more open to hiring people with transferrable skills, North said. Employees need to be willing to train on-the-job-specifics in order to fill vacancies. The other option is for companies to use recruiting firms that build relationship with candidates and can match prospects to the jobs. Knowing how to leverage search engine optimization for online ads is critical to getting the most out of recruiting efforts and many businesses may not be up to date on these techniques, North said. “Every company should examine starting pay and where every employee is at with regards to compensation at least once a year to make sure they are competitive,” North said.