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New graduates, women-owned businesses growth lending to future executive parity

November 21, 2014

Support organizations and businesses alike are addressing gulfs between the likes of women’s participation in college outpacing stagnant male enrollment, and women’s underrepresentation in the executive level. Regional Manager Patty North is seeing more female executives among its Midwestern Celebrity Staff clients. “I think we’re seeing more females being promoted, so it gives us an opportunity to coach individuals,” she said. She referred to CNN Executive Vice President Gail Evans’ book, “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman,” as a reference, including addressing the issue of leaving arguments at the office door. “Women can’t take business personally,” she said. “I might win, you might win,” but in the end we’re all still on the same team.” She is encouraged by confidence among younger females in business, and what she has noticed in recent years as women becoming more comfortable asking for what they want. There are a number of factors changing some of the positive shifts: North highlighted baby boomers retiring, and making way for high-profile CEOs (such as Yahoo and GM). There isn’t much of a fear, she indicated, with women challenging the system, especially among the younger generation farther removed from the barriers encountered by their grandmothers’ generation. North also sees new “household expectations” carrying over into the workforce. That said, she emphasized the importance of being supportive of young, new female professionals who possibly boast confidence existing employees didn’t have when starting out.