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Employers Continue to See Challenges in Hiring Quality Staff

Celebrity Staff
Midlands Business Journal – March 16, 2016

Attracting and retaining quality employees is a tough job. Candidates want to know more than the job description, said Patty North, general manager of Celebrity Staff. Prospective employees need to know about the company, North said. “Share the ‘why’ behind what you do,” she said. “Employees of today want to know how their work is contributing to the greater mission.” Employers have the challenge of there being so many different job boards, and reaching a target applicant is harder than ever before. Before staring a search for candidates, do research to find similar jobs, just like an applicant would, North said. Determine where those similar jobs are listed. This can also help companies stay up to date on fair market pay rates. Once employees are on staff, talk to them to find out how to retain them, she said. Sometimes people want simple things like monthly meetings with a manager. Connecting the company to the community can help with retention as well, North said. Letting employees donate time to a worthy cause once a month can create a stronger connection because they feel a part of something bigger.