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Safety Tip of the Month

Workplace Violence: Avoid Becoming a Victim
Violence at work is often unpredictable, but you can avoid falling victim to routine types of dangers. Take these steps to ensure your personal safety:

  • Know what your employer is doing to protect you. Ensuring employee safety is becoming a top priority for many organizations. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as some state governments, provide guidelines for employers in industries such as nursing and retail sales to protect employees during work hours.
  • Check your employee handbook. Your organization’s protections may go beyond government requirements for liability reasons as well as for maintaining employee morale. To find out what your organization has done, look in the company handbook or policies manual, or contact your human resources department.
  • Start early. When you are interviewing for a job, ask your interviewer about the organization’s violence prevention policy as part of any questions about policies or benefits.
  • Report incidents. If you feel threatened or uneasy at work, report it immediately to human resources and your organization’s or building’s security.
  • Make sure visitors check in. Visitors wandering office hallways unaccompanied or gaining public access to the building during weekend or evening hours are potential threats to personal possessions and safety. Don’t be reluctant to ask about security in the building and parking area during weekends and other times when you might be working alone. This is a bigger concern now that many women work late or in shifts that stretch into the night.
  • Use common sense inside the office and out. Don’t leave your purse and valuable personal items in plain view. Be alert to who is around you, especially in elevators and parking areas. Don’t take chances. If you feel uncomfortable about walking to your car or to public transportation, ask a building security officer to escort you or indulge yourself for the cost of a cab or car service. Many organizations provide these services or will reimburse you.
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