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At Celebrity Staff, we take safety in the workplace seriously. We encourage our clients to implement companywide safety programs and advise our employees to be keenly aware of safety procedures and policies at their place of work.

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Staircase safety: Take the right steps
A clown falling down a flight of stairs as a gag is funny. In real life, though, falling down a staircase can be dangerous, even fatal. Here are some basic tips for preventing stairway accidents in your workplace:

  • Handrails. Railings should extend the full length of the staircase on both sides.
  • Lights. The top and bottom of every stairway should be well lit, with light switches at both ends.
  • Rugs. Don’t leave loose rugs or carpets on the landings. Either fasten them securely to the floor so no one can trip or get rid of them.
  • Steps. Make sure they’re not slippery. Put non-stick treads on each step.
  • Obstacles. Keep stairs clear of boxes, tools, and anything else that might clutter the path.
  • Packages. Don’t overload yourself when carrying items up and down the stairs. Be sure you can keep at least one hand on the rail as you ascend or descend.
  • The bottom step. Paint the lowest step white, especially for stairs leading into basements or other dark areas. This will make seeing the final step easier.
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